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Living Stones Church: Worship Leader

This position has as its intent that the Worship Leader will be the primary leader in our Sunday experiences. The worship leader will cast vision to those participating in worship,
and manage the worship ministry. The leader will need to be equipped to encourage those on the team, build a healthy team and actively seek, recruit and train volunteers for the ministry. It will be important for the worship leader to be in harmony with the theological reflections of the Living Stones Church.

About the Living Stones Church:
We are a missional church with a laser like focus on the 42,500 people that make up the
South side of South Bend IN. Utilizing a progressive non-traditional method of worship and ministry we have experienced growth from 90 to 650 in regular attendance over the past 7
years. Our Lead Pastor, Sam Barrington, and staff share a vision that our neighborhood is our responsibility. The people who live around us who would potentially come and worship must be the vision of the person seeking this position.

Worship Leader qualities we are seeking:
A rare but extremely important ability to work with, understand, and encourage “creative” type personalities while at the same time enter into a world that is sensitive to values, mindset, and personality.Clearly, the candidate would need the ability to communicate,
organize and manage a worship ministry and the ability to resolve conflict appropriately. It is also necessary to see those with greater musical giftedness, training, experience, and education as a blessing.

Worship Leader’s responsibilities will include:
-Be the primary leader for an entire system of worship that includes oversight of a team.
-Ultimate responsibility for the planning, coordination, and execution of our corporate worship experience.
-Represent the vision and interests of the worship ministry at staff meetings of the Living Stones Church.
-Recruit a full roster of volunteers to execute the ministry and vision of the worship ministry.
-Develop a clear and well-defined “on ramp” to see an expanding involvement for those interested in serving in the area of worship.
-Train volunteers to adequately perform the tasks assigned to them.
-Provide communication and administrative leadership in calendars, scheduling of musicians and singers, technological support, musical arrangements, distribution of music, CCLI
licensing, and essential information sharing to the Administrative Assistant for bulletin publication and lead pastor.
-Implement a procedure of evaluation and improvement for our worship system.
-Cast a vision for the technological possibilities of sound, lights, and multimedia.
-Seek continued educational opportunities through conferences, books, periodicals, and onsite visits to other churches.
-Document all working aspects of our worship ministry to reproduce in future Living Stones Churches.
-Reproduce your ministry and leadership.
-Reflect theologically, and encourage the church at large, to think theologically on the who, what, where, why and hows of worship.
-Communicate and hold accountable the values of our worship ministry.
Salary and compensation are negotiable.
Those interested in applying should email