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St. Luke Evangelical Free Church: Part-Time Youth Pastor/Worship Leader


700 W. Highway 224
64097 Wellington , MO

Qualifications: A person who…
  Exhibits a personal and growing relationship with God, a teachable spirit, and
a healthy family life
 Is gifted and is called to youth ministry, loves young people, and has a passion
for evangelism and discipleship, both personally and at the ministry level
  Is an engaging teacher, with a strong Biblical and theological background,
who is in agreement with the St. Luke EFC statement of faith
  Possesses at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field or is a student pursuing
a related degree
  Has a background consisting of successful senior/junior high youth ministry
work experience (volunteer or paid)
  Is skilled at administrating and directing activities and programs
  Is a self motivated leader, capable of casting and imparting vision for
ministry, possessing relational skills with students, parents, and staff
  Has a passion for praising and worshiping God through music
  Possesses an appreciation for contemporary and traditional styles of worship
  Demonstrates good leadership, organizational, team building skills and social
networking skills
  Has a knowledge of basic music fundamentals
  Has a clear ability to lead with our praise band (piano/keyboard, guitar or
vocal ability preferred)
 Youth Pastor Role
(Approximately 15 hours per week)
Youth Responsibilities / Duties:
 Goal: Create, plan and direct a youth ministry program for Jr. and Sr. High students that
encourages them to use their talents and abilities for the Lord both within and
outside church by:
1) Building relationships with students for the purpose of outreach and
discipleship. This will require being involved in their lives as a spiritual
mentor, counselor and friend.
2) Teaching Biblical truth primarily through a youth Sunday School class

3) Leading a weekly student fellowship/outreach.
4) Working in partnership with volunteers, and Student Ministry Team providing
leadership, training, resources, and encouragement as needed.
5) Supporting Youth Mission Trips, Youth Conferences and/or special events as
scheduled. Attend such trips with the youth group.
Grow St. Luke EFC youth ministry.
  Be mentored by the Senior Pastor, remaining accountable and responsive to his
oversight of the Youth Pastor’s ministry.
  Present monthly reports and annual goals to the church leadership.
Participate in a yearly job performance review.
  Work with Student Ministry Team to coordinate volunteers, to plan and
implement programs, and to prepare the annual budget request.
  Maintain visibility with entire congregation through available channels.
Worship Leader Role
(Approximately 10 hours per week)
Worship Responsibilities / Duties:
1. Lead worship service with our praise band, TestamenT.
2. Schedule and lead all rehearsals.
3. Select worship music 2-3 weeks in advance.
4. Provide printed music for praise team.
5. Recruit volunteer praise team musicians, vocalists and other participants with
the long-term goal of developing two or more alternating teams.
6. Prepare & finalize Power Point/Media Shout for Sunday morning.

7. Coordinate music/drama and other elements with the Pastor.
8. Partner with Worship Ministry Team, Technology Team, Organist, Choir
Directors, special music and song leader.
9. Assist Worship Ministry Team in planning the annual budget.
10. Mentor volunteers to lead worship.
11. Attend Worship Leader Conference annually.
Compensation: Salary to be determined according to experience and training.
Two weeks of paid vacation will be provided.
Accountability: This staff member will report to the Senior Pastor and the Spiritual
Coordination Council in regard to youth pastor & worship roles
and to the CCC Board re: CCC responsibilities.
Contact: Linda Dorsch, Office Manager 816-240-2312
E-mail at