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Town & Country Christian Church: Youth Minister


4925 SW 29th Street
66614 Topeka , KS

Town & Country Christian Church
4925 SW 29th ST
Topeka, KS 66614

Contact person: Dale Greer

Position: Youth Minister
Job Description for Youth/Associate Minister
Town & Country Christian Church

The Youth Minister, like any minister is called to a pastoral relationship with the church. This includes church members, regular attender, families, and individuals who God has placed in our care. These people should be cared for in a positive, caring, inclusive manner in order to promote a Godly lifestyle and heart. A minister therefore, should dedicate himself to God, and to others.

Develop, organize, administrate and supervise the Middle School and High School ministry.
Work alongside other minsters on staff, and commit to pastoral responsibility to the congregation.

Love God, His church, and the people He has placed in your ministry.

Lead and oversee the Middle School and High School programs
 Each of the programs are up to the Youth Minister to develop, create and maintain.
 Currently the programming includes:
  Sunday School
  Youth Group on Sunday evenings
  Youth Special events
  Teen Small groups
  Summer camp
  Special trips
   CIY, Oasis, Get-A-Way, etc
  Short-term mission trips
  Wednesday PM Middle School group 
     Because Town & Country desires to make a difference in the community, it is recommended the Youth Minster develop a “next level” to the existing “OWLs” programming on Wednesday nights, to include middle school young people who have graduated from the OWLs program,
      and others.
   Various service projects
 Promote community outreach to the youth and their sponsors. 
 Put together and oversee an annual budget for the program

Provide for sponsors:
 Adequate training
 Materials for teaching
 Opportunities for service
 Regular times for meeting/getting together

For each responsibility:
 Oversee implementation
 Provide adequate training
 Recruit sponsors

Keep equipping yourself
 Personal Study
 Time in prayer

Associate Minister responsibilities:
  Participate in meetings of the elder, board, and staff meetings
  Assist other staff members with regular ministry responsibilities
   Outreach calls
   Pastoral calls
   Hospital calling
 Develop and oversee other ministries:
 Work with the college age and young adults to develop a sense of community through teaching, small groups and outreach. 
 Work with the Children’s Minister to develop and oversee the Preteen Ministry. This ministry seeks to close the gap between grade school and middle school. This is a crucial transition period for students in the fifth and sixth grades.

Reporting Structure
The Senior Minister is responsible for the staff on a daily basis, and all staff report directly to him. The Youth Minister reports to the Senior Minister on a daily (regular) basis, as well as to the elders as overseers of the staff and the church. All staff members should feel free to speak to any elder of Town and Country concerning their position and disposition of that ministry.