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Tyler Street Church of Christ : Minister


5029 Tyler St.
95841 Sacramento , CA

Overview: The full time minister for Tyler Street Church of Christ is responsible for proclaiming the Gospel of Christ and encouraging the local church body to do so, for guiding the spiritual development of the congregation through self and others, for providing pastoral care in meeting the needs of persons in the church and community and for providing administrative leadership for the church. Promotes Christian maturity in Biblical understanding, spiritual development, and daily lifestyle living.

Responsible to: God, the elders, and the congregation.

Evaluation: Performance will be evaluated regularly in accordance with this position Description via congregational input, leadership, and elders.

Spiritual Qualifications:
1.Our minister should serve as a Christian role model, manifesting his spirituality by his example and high Christian virtues.
2.He should be in agreement with Biblical teaching and responsive to its guidance.
3.He should be one who is willing to seek and follow the direction and advice of the congregational elders, as they are responsible to the spiritual life and growth of the members.
4.He should be spiritually mature, actively growing and learning in God’s Kingdom and exhibiting the fruit of the Spirit in his life and work.
5.Serve as an evangelist and lead the congregation in seeking the salvation of the lost and nurturing of the saved.
6.Lead the staff and the church in a caring ministry for persons in the church and the community.
7.Lead the staff and church members to become involved in missions support through prayer and missions offerings as well as personal involvement, when possible, through missions activities in the local community and state as well as nationally and internationally.
8.Train and lead members in ministry of bringing Christ and salvation to the lost though personal outreach.

Personal Qualifications:
1.Maintain an outgoing and personable attitude.
2.Express warmth and friendliness with people through genuine love.
3.Love the gospel and its saving power.
4.Promote biblical family values and be an example of a strong family man.
5.Present positive and uplifting sermons.
6.Uphold and support Christians in prayer, speech, and actions
7.Manage time effectively.
8.Listen and lead as a team member.

Professional Qualifications:
1.Build a healthy working relationship with leadership and co-workers.
2.Keep confidences and use mature discretion in dealing with sensitive situations.
3.Build and maintain rapport with members and non-members.
4.Comply with established church policies and procedures as well as all applicable federal and state laws.

Pulpit Preaching / Bible Class Instruction
1.Prepare sermons as the primary pulpit preacher sharing this responsibility at times with the elders or other selected members.
2.Present sermons on monthly themes as determined by leadership.
3.Preach and teach Bible class, presenting both topical and textual studies.
4.Attend worship, Sunday classes, and TLC group when not leading
5.Plan for and provide leadership in the observance of the church teachings.

Written Communication:
1.Prepares letters, emails, text messages for the purpose of building up the body of Christ, promoting Christ and His Church, and influencing others for Jesus.
2.Organizes and uses new technologies

1. Serve as church administrator, giving supervision to other members of the church staff.

T. L. C. Group (Tyler Loving Care)
1.These groups meet weekly throughout the county in host homes. There is a facilitator in each group. Typically, the study is based on the previous Sunday morning sermon. Questions and discussion points are provided by the sermon presenter.
2.The minister may or may not be a facilitator or host family. Coordinates these groups directly or through another church member.

1.As a new minister, a scheduled visit with each member-family would be encouraged.
2.Visit new members, new converts and individuals who are searching. This includes personal and written efforts.
3.Be involved in and search out personal Bible studies.
4.Visit shut-ins and those who are ill.
5.Share visitation responsibility with elders and TLC (Tyler Loving Care) members.

Biblical Counseling
1.Be available to those who are grieving.
2.Be reasonably available nights and weekends for emergency pastoral care, delegating these responsibilities to other staff members, deacons and other lay leaders as appropriate.
3.Offer pre-marital counseling.
4.Provide family and marriage counseling.
5.Referrals to professionals is always suggested and at times most wise.
6.Give a listening ear and comfort as needed.
7.Provide wedding ceremonies and memorial services

Other Related Work Activities:
1.Park Creek Bible Camp – Guide and influence the growth and participation of the camp.
2.Seminars – Attend and plan restorations focused events.
3.Retreats – Assist in planning, and attend various church sponsored events.

Office Hours / Personal Study Time / Access for members
1.Maintain a schedule for office hours that is made public to the members.
2.Use this time for prayer, study and lesson preparation, and work with church staff, administrative assistant, youth minister, vision leaders, deacons, and elders.

1.Compensation is based on experience, education, and comparable salaries.
2.Salary adjustments are based on measurements of growth in spiritual learning of the church and application of teaching; growth in membership; unity within the body; and the church’s financial ability.

Family Time
This congregation encourages its ministers to place high importance on personal family time and support. Specific evenings of the week will be reserved for home time

Required Education, Experience, and Abilities:
•College degree.
•Seminary degree.
•A personal conviction of a calling to ministry.
•Commitment to biblical Christian principles and teachings both professionally and personally.
•Ten years of experience as minister in the Church of Christ or a restoration church (Christian Church).
•Ability to speak, read and write English.
•Exceptional speaking skills and the ability to speak confidently before groups.
•Quality leadership skills.
•Exceptional administrative skills, including the ability to supervise, monitor, evaluate, coach, and provide feedback to staff.
•Ability to listen effectively and to communicate clearly, both orally and in written form.
•High level and ability to use computer software, such as Word and Outlook, Internet, and other applications.
•Sufficient good health to discharge duties properly.
•Ability to walk, stand and sit, sometimes for prolonged periods of time.
•Requires passing criminal, financial and sexual misconduct background checks