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Westgate Christian Church: Minister of Preaching and Evangelism

Westgate Christian Church
7111 N Nine Mile Road
Spokane, WA 99208
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Search Team

Minister of Preaching & Evangelism being sought by Westgate Christian Church in Spokane WA. Following attributes required: Strong leadership characteristics; solid Restoration Movement principles; strong expository preaching style; outgoing, sociable and appeal to younger families. Will take lead role in helping to develop and manage evangelistic incentives and outreach in an elder led congregation. Salary $50-$60K, plus benefits, depending on experience and education. Send resume along with a recent DVD or video link of sermon to:

Westgate Christian Church
Attn: Search Team
7111 N Nine Mile Road
Spokane WA 99208,

or email to dmwhite8621@q,com.