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Church Mission Report

April 2012

Dear Church Leader:
Thank you!  It is impossible to measure the lifetime impact that you and your congregation are having through your support of Manhattan Christian College.  You truly are vital to our ministry and we consider ourselves honored that you stand with us so faithfully.  We have enclosed a short 2.5 minute video highlighting the ministry of the college to use in front of the congregation or the missions committee.

With your help, we are educating, equipping, and enriching Christian leaders.  A person will train to have a profession they will work in five days a week; but 24 hours a day, seven days a week we are called to be a Christian.  We prepare our students to live an impactful life regardless of their chosen profession. 

I’m happy to report, enrollment is up 5% from last spring with a total headcount of 372 students and our 35th annual Woman’s World conference featuring Thelma Wells had an attendance of 686 representing 11 states.

Exciting things to report include:

1. Implementation of EMPOWER, a new student information system and the connecting learning management system, Moodle.  This transition will allow for online enrollment as well as more connectivity among college constituents.
2. The completion of the remodeled office area left vacant when the library moved out of the classroom building and into its new permanent space inside the renovated Jolliffe Hall.  This new wing houses the President’s office, the Institutional Advancement office, and a new Board room.
3. A fresh, updated look including new navigation tools for the MCC webpage is underway and will be unveiled in the summer.
4. Following two years of work, the curriculum review team will make its final recommendations for overhauling the traditional degree programs.  In addition to creating a focused leadership component of 12 hours, students will have tremendous flexibility to personalize their degree program by combining ministry tracks.  The fall 2011 freshmen will be the first to utilize this new system.
5. Updating the campus master plan has become a priority.  Focus groups were held last summer and a revision of the PUD will require going through the process of getting city commission approval.

With the faithful partnership of churches and individuals, Manhattan Christian College will continue providing a practical ministry program which takes students to the next level of maturity and service.  The future of the church depends on all of us together raising up the next generation of Christian leaders who have the heart, mind, and skills needed to accurately understand the Bible, be able to apply its principles, and effectively lead others to Jesus Christ. 

Let me once again say thank you for your support both prayerfully and financially.  The level of your annual financial investment indicates the value and priority your congregation places on preparing for the future of Christ’s church. 

Serving with you,
J. Kevin Ingram

P.S. If you are interested in having a face-to-face update about the college, please give us a call so that we can get that scheduled.  Jim Coiner, our Area Representative for the past 9 years, is retiring this month, but we will work hard at staying connected with you.