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Gym button w logo.jpgFrom the moment a student steps on campus, Manhattan Christian College is focused on helping them become the leader God wants for them to be.  We strive for nothing less than excellence because it’s what our future generations deserve—not only our students, but those they will impact. 

The needs of today’s college students, along with the learning process have dynamically changed.  With your help, MCC will be ready and relevant to reach the Next Generation.

Now is the time to provide the tools needed to reach and retain more students.

The Big Picture
MCC prepares Christian leaders to penetrate the world with the Gospel regardless of their chosen profession.   What 3 tools are needed to reach more students?

1. An improved first impression. 
Today’s students (and their parents) equate quality with what they see.  Enhancements to the campus courtyard and parking lot will better reflect the value of the education and the personal care students receive at MCC.
2. A student life multi-purpose facility.
MCC needs a facility large enough to hold its own special events as well as support the athletic program.  More than 52% of the student body participates in a varsity sport or intramurals throughout the year and college access to city facilities limits the programming that may be offered. A gym legitimizes the student experience on campus.
3. Technology and security enhancements. 
The teaching tools in the classrooms, the computers in the library, and the implementation of an I.D. card system are required to keep MCC user-friendly and safe.  Wireless access and Internet speed are no longer optional as the 24/7 demands increase with each student’s multiple devices.

The Goal
These projects will require $3M in over and above commitments over the next three years.Donate Now button2.jpg

Steps to Success
It all starts with passionate support from people, like you, who understand the needs of today’s students and want to make a difference.  Every gift is important.


When you invest in Manhattan Christian College, you’re educating, equipping, and enriching the next generation of Christian leaders.

Manhattan Christian College is committed to preparing students to influence culture for Christ in all spheres of life. We desire to be the College of choice for the next generation of thoughtful leaders who seek to live out their faith in new and exciting ways. Accomplishing this goal requires the support of our entire community: alumni, churches, corporations, foundations, families, faculty, staff and friends. Your gift is vital to the success of our mission and provides funds not supported by tuition or other funding sources.

By giving to Manhattan Christian College, you are equipping students to influence culture for Christ in new and culturally relevant ways.

Click to make a donation now.

Types of Gifts

There are many ways to give to Manhattan Christian College.  As a donor, you have the opportunity to tailor your method of giving so it suits your needs.  Each type of gift makes an impact on current and future students of Manhattan Christian College.

Cash, Check, or Credit Card
The simplest method of giving is through an outright gift of cash.  If you are interested in making a gift in this way, you may mail a check to the college at 1415 Anderson Avenue, Manhattan, KS 66502.  If you are interested in making an online gift, you may do so anytime. 

Matching Gifts
Many corporations match their employees’ gifts to Manhattan Christian College with an equal or greater corporate contribution.  Information on matching gifts is usually available through a company human resource department.

Gifts of Securities (Stocks)
Gifts of appreciated stocks or bonds entitle a contributor to two income tax benefits:  avoidance of capital gains, and the use of the security’s fair market value on the date of the gift for the income tax charitable deduction.

Gifts of Real Estate
You may donate a residence, farmland, or other real estate to Manhattan Christian College.  Gifts of real estate may offer considerable tax savings.  The gift can be made immediately available to the College or you may wish to donate the property but retain use of it for your lifetime.

Gifts of Life Insurance
Individual life insurance policies, either new or no longer needed, may be transferred to Manhattan Christian College.  The College may then become the owner and beneficiary to receive an income tax deduction or MCC may simply be named as a beneficiary of a policy.

Gifts In Kind
Works of art, rare books, equipment and furnishings that further the mission of Manhattan Christian College may also be donated with approval.  The allowable deduction for a gift of such property depends upon its related use and appraised value.

A bequest or will is the most frequently utilized method of support in America.  Bequest affords a way for you to express your specific philanthropic wishes.  A bequest can include a specific dollar amount, a percentage of the estate or a specific asset.

In a trust arrangement, property is held by a trustee for the benefit of another.  The trustee holds legal title to the property and the beneficiary is the institution who is benefitted.  There are a variety of trust types:  irrevocable trust, revocable trust, living trust, and testamentary trust.

MCC's membership in the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability is a commitment to integrity, accountability, and transparency.

Donor’s Bill of Rights
• Know how the funds of an organization are being spent.
• Know what the programs you support are accomplishing.
• Know that the organization complies with federal state, and municipal laws.
• Restrict or designate your gifts to a particular project within the organization’s mission objectives.
• A timely and courteous response to your inquiries about finances and programs.
• Give cheerfully without being pressured by the organization.
• Obtain a copy of the organization’s most recent annual financial statements prepared by an independent certified public accountant.
• Know that there is a responsible governing board providing oversight to the organization’s mission.
• Know that all appeals for funds are truthful and accurate.

Endowed Scholarships
Endowed scholarships grow in value each year, providing a perpetual source of aid for students, as well as permanent honor to the individual named in the fund. Scholarships can be designated for general purposes, on the basis of a need, or to support a specific student characteristic or interest.

All endowed scholarships are permanent, and have a lasting impact on Manhattan Christian College students. 
For more information about how to set up an endowed scholarship contact Jolene Rupe by email at or by phone at 785-539-3571.

Here is a list of the current endowed scholarships:

Alumni Endowed Scholarship
Agra Church Scholarship
Frank Anderson Memorial Scholarship
Anderson Village Scholarship
Ellis O. and Della Richards Arnold Memorial Scholarship
Elmer and Marjorie Arp Endowed Scholarship
W. Frank and Maxine Aten Memorial Scholarship
Tennie Mae Baird Memorial Scholarship
Lucy Blaker Bartlett Scholarship
Delores Arlene Berger Scholarship
Anna Bender Scholarship
Ruth E. Bertrand Memorial Scholarship
Leetta Bradshaw Memorial Scholarship
Ray W. Britton Memorial Scholarship
Pat Burton Memorial Scholarship
Kenneth and Phyllis Cable Endowed Scholarship
Camp Team Memorial Scholarship
Minnie Carter Memorial Scholarship
Russell and Virginia Coatney Memorial Scholarship
Goldie Cole Memorial Scholarship
Ernest and Leona Congrove Memorial Scholarship
E. Olin Cooke Endowed Scholarship
Harry and Helen Corey Endowed Scholarship
Cross Cultural Ministries Endowed Scholarship
Warren Dittemore Memorial Scholarship
J.M. Duke Memorial Scholarship
John E. Eggleton Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Thaddeus and Ella French Scholarship
Clara Webb Gooden Memorial Scholarship
Maurice and Orville Graham Memorial Scholarship
John Greenlee Preaching Memorial Scholarship
Lloyd and Elva Hannah Memorial Scholarship
Johnnie Joe Hanzlick Memorial Scholarship
Toliff Henrickson Scholarship
Thomas E. Hinkle Scholarship
Bill and Maxine Hoy Scholarship
Leone Hutcheson Memorial Scholarship
Jellison Memorial Scholarship
T.H. Johnson Memorial Preaching Scholarship
J Harold and LaVerne Johnson Scholarship
Pearl Lee Johnson Memorial Scholarship
Della Buckle Jolly Trust
Lyle Jones Scholarship
C. Franklin Karns Endowed Scholarship
Bessie Means Jordan Memorial Scholarship
Edith Kelley Memorial Scholarship
Nick and Terri Kern Scholarship
Helen Poland Knedlik Scholarship
Clyde B. Kurtz Scholarship
Kuzick Scholarship
Kvasnica Endowed Scholarship
L.E.A.D Memorial Scholarship
Lamp Endowed Scholarship
Nora Leach Endowed Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. L.E. Losh Memorial Scholarship
W.F. and Nadine Lown Memorial Scholarship
M.C.C. Endowed Scholarship
Alvin Mashburn Memorial Scholarship
Mathis/Falen Endowed Scholarship
Charlotte and Harry Means Endowed Scholarship
Elizabeth Mendenhall Scholarship
Mendenhall Memorial Scholarship
Donald and Carol Messerly Endowed Scholarship
L.P. and Florence E. Mills Memorial Scholarship
Julie Coatney Mooney Memorial Scholarship
Wilma K. Myers Endowed Scholarship
Leonard Pittman Memorial Scholarship
Ernest and Ruby Palmer Student Scholarship (Palmer Student Aid Fund)
Dorothy Phelps Memorial Scholarship
Joan Priefert Memorial Scholarship
Harry and Edith Prochaska Memorial Scholarship
Grover T. and Elaine R. Rhodus Endowed Scholarship
Archie Ritter Memorial Scholarship
Mabel A. Robinson Memorial Scholarship
John Russ Endowed Scholarship
Frank Sager Memorial Scholarship
Cale and Sarah Sleffel Scholarship
James, Wilmer, and Juan Severns Scholarship
Ross and Irma Severns Scholarship
Grice and Letha Sexton Endowed Scholarship
Bill Shattuck Memorial Scholarship
Jayde and Billie Sprecker Scholarship
Lee Stanfield Memorial Scholarship
Merlin and Mary Hamilton Stratton Endowed Scholarship
Stuckey Endowed Scholarship
Harold and Virginia Tanner Faculty Development Fund
James and Margaret Van Buren Endowed Scholarship
Norman and Dorothy Voss Endowed Scholarship
Ellis T. Wears Endowed Scholarship
T.H. Wells Endowment Fund
C. S. Wilson Endowed Scholarship
Russell S .Wilson Endowed Scholarship
Woman’s World Distinguished Scholarship