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Our Faculty

Dr. Steven Davis - Assistant Professor of Theology

B.B.L. & B.Th., Ozark Christian College, 1993
M.A., Bethel Theological Seminary, 1998
Ed.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2002

MCC Start Date: July 2001

What I like about MCC...I like having the opportunity to teach students to think critically about their worldviews.

My Interests...spending time with family, reading and researching, exercising, carpentry, and fishing.

Dr. Greg Delort - Professor of Family Ministry

B.A., Lincoln Christian College, 1994
M.A., Lincoln Christian Seminary, 1997
M.S., Kansas State University, 2002
Ph.D., Kansas State University, 2006

MCC Start Date: July 1997

What I like about MCC...I enjoy being able to serve in area of giftedness.  I appreciate opportunities to teach, provide counseling, and provide leadership.  Working with learners at the school (this includes colleagues and students) is a blessing that, I believe, bears good fruit over time.

My time, World War II History, cultural/generational studies, running/working out, coaching youth team sports, social issues, Chicago sports, K-State sports.

Dr. William Jenkins - Associate Professor of English

B.A., University of Tulsa, 1984
M.A., University of Tulsa, 1986
Ph.D., University of Arkansas, 1992

MCC Start Date: July 2010

What I like about MCC...I like working here mostly because of my colleagues.  This isn’t to say that I don’t like students.  I do, especially the ones who are engaged in the classroom.  But students come and go every semester, while my co-workers are here year in, and year out, and they are some good people.  I like them professionally and personally, and they make my own work here that much better.

My, watching good movies, reading, taking walks with my wife, Sunday afternoon naps, and pizza.

Dr. Genilyn McCaffrey - Professor of Worship Ministry

B.B.L., Ozark Christian College, 1997
M.Div., Lincoln Christian Seminary, 2006
DWS, Robert E. Weber Institute for Worship Studies, 2012

MCC Start Date: July 2006

What I like about MCC...I love having the opportunity to plant seeds of worship renewal in my students and then see them plant those seeds and more in churches across the country and the world.

My Interests...hanging out with my family, trying new recipes, hostessing, traveling, shopping, Pinteresting, making music, and watching TV and movies.

Dr. Brian Medaris - Professor of Spiritual Formation

B.S., Indiana University, 1993
M.A., Lincoln Christian Seminary, 1999
M.Div., Lincoln Christian Seminary, 2003
D.Min., Lincoln Christian Seminary, 2013

MCC Start Date: July 2008

What I like about MCC...The employees and students at MCC challenge me to grow personally and professionally.  At MCC I am empowered to serve in a way that fits my gifts and personality.  I mostly enjoy my time in the classroom with students and the opportunities I have for mentoring.  Manhattan is also a great place for my family to live.

My Interests...I go to the mountains at least once a year!  I enjoy being outside; camping; hiking; and playing tennis.  Spending time with my family is important to me.  We enjoy playing games, watching movies, and going on trips together.  My wife, Nikki, and I have been married since 2001.  We have four boys: Stone (2002), Strider (2005), Steele (2007), and J.P. (2009).  We all usually find something to do to keep us busy!

Dr. Wesley Paddock - Professor of Old Testament

A.B., Intermountian Bible College, 1961
M.Div., Lincoln Christian Seminary, 1971
D.Min., Denver Conservative Baptist Seminary, 1995

MCC Start Date: July 1995

What I like about MCC...I’ve been at MCC since 1995.  It is home and a great place to work.

My family, my dog, photography, bicycling, travel and reading.

Jeffery Sagstetter - Associate Professor of Youth Ministry

B.A., Kentucky Christian College, 1986
M.S., Kentucky Christian College, 1998
M.A., Kentucky Christian College, 2003

MCC Start Date: July 2003

What I like about MCC...MCC provides the opportunity to teach and share in the lives of young men and women.

My, riding around in the Jeep with the top off, reading and the beach.

Larry Sullivan - Associate Professor of History

A.B., Manhattan Christian College, 1957
M.A., Fort Hays State University, 1967

MCC Start Date: July 1972

What I like about MCC...I consider MCC as an expansion of my role as a minister.

My Interests...politics, history, country music, old west cowboys.

Rusty Thornley - Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies

B.S.C.E., The Citadel, 1971
M.Div., Emmanuel Christian Seminary, 1982

MCC Start Date: July 1994

What I like about MCC...I work here because God opened up an opportunity for me to share with college students what God had taught me in ministry here in the USA as well as experiences cross-culturally.

My Interests...visiting and playing with grandchildren and woodworking.

Dr. Russ York - Professor of Pastoral Ministry

B.S., University of Memphis, 1975
M.Th., Harding School of Theology, 1981
B.S., Creighton University, 1983
D.Min, George Fox University, 2011

MCC Start Date: January 2008

What I like about MCC...I like working at MCC because I get to work alongside amazingly gifted colleagues and students whose greatest joy is Jesus and whose passion is the same as mine – to live sold out to Him and to turn the world upside down by leading thousands more to Him.  More specifically, I get to teach what I’m on fire about – preaching, leadership, ministry, and the Bible.

My addition to my obvious interest in God, Jesus and His Word, people becoming Christian, and students in my classes, is my family (Kristi, wife, Jessica and Brad, my daughter and her husband, Jonathan and Emma, my son and his wife), friends, small groups, helping churches become what God dreams for them, reading, exercise, sports cars and hotrods, ocean beaches, and snow skiing.

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. C. Franklin Karns - Professor Emeritus of Communication and Philosophy (1990)

A.B., Cincinnati Bible Seminary, 1943; B.A., Ashland College, 1944
M.A. and Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, 1962, 1964

Dr. Donn A. Leach - Professor Emeritus of Bible (1999)

A.B., Lincoln Christian College, 1950
B.D., Butler University School of Religion, 1953
M.A., Butler University School of Religion, 1954
D. Theology, Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1960

Part-Time and Adjunct Faculty

Holly Anderson - Psychology (2014), M.A., Azusa Pacific University, 2009.

Dr. Rusty Andrews - Psychology and Counseling (2003), Ph.D., Kansas State University, 1997.

Brody Bliss - Bible (2012), M.Div., Golden Gate Theological Seminary, 2008.

Nancy Blockcolsky - Piano (2002), M.Mus., Kansas State University, 1992.

Megan Bottenberg - Management (2011), MPA, University of Kansas, 2008.

Dr. Terrance Cusaac - Management (2013), Ph.D., Capella University, 2004.

Don Brax - Math (2003), M.S., Kansas State University, 1984.

Jeff Davis - Management/Computer Technology (2006), M.S., Regis University, 2005.

Julie Delort - Written and Oral Communication (1998), M.A., Lincoln Christian Seminary, 1997.

Genae Denver - Voice (2010), B.S. Kansas State University, 1990.

Dr. Gary Griffith - Science (2011), Ph.D. Oklahoma State University, 1973.

Dr. Cal Habig - Bible and Ministry (2000), D.Min., Fuller Theological Seminary, 2003.

Nathan Hiebert - Management (2013), M.S. Kansas State University, 2012.

Dr. Dave Henry - Bible (2006), DWS, Robert E. Weber Institute for Worship Studies, 2012.

Mike Hines - History (2007), M.Div., Cincinnati Bible Seminary, 1983.

Joe Hunsaker - Psychology (2011), M.E., Arizona State University, 2010.

Dr. Dale Levering - Management (1999), Ph. D., Kansas State University, 2009.

Nikki Medaris - Psychology (2009), M.Div., Lincoln Christian Seminary, 2011.

John Messer - Bible (2014), M.Div., Midwestern Baptist theological Seminary, 1987.

Alisha Paddock - Bible (2008), M.Div., Emmanuel Christian Seminary, 2007.

Robert Pugh - Management (2010), M.B.A. Bellevue University, 1999.

Bob Randall - Economics and Statistics (2010), M.S., Kansas State University.

Ron Ratliff - Humanities (2006), Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary, 1983.

Bob Reader - Management (2014), J.D. & MBA, University of Illinois, 1999.

Daryn Soldan - Management (2014), M.L.A., Kansas State University, 2009.

Karen Smothers - Psychology and Counseling (2011), M.S.W., Washburn University, 2005.

Dr. Doug Wallace - Sociology (1997), Ph.D., Kansas State University, 2009.