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Adult Education Department (LEAD)

Non-Traditional Campus Director: Bruce Long

Beginning January 2019, the Non-Traditional campus will consist of the Distance Education degree program only, called Thunder Online+. With the changes comes more flexibility for students to fulfill degree requirements. Classes will meet in the evenings, one night a week. Most courses will be taught on the physical campus in Manhattan, while a few will be taught using a fully interactive web conference.

If you want to attend the class in person or via a web conference or need to watch a recording of the class, students will be able to interact with the professor and students throughout the week, while maintaining daily life and work routines.

To participate in the web conference classroom, students will need to have the system requirements. For more information about the Non-Traditional campus, email the Non-Traditional Recruiter and Advisor.

The department of adult education is committed to the development of adult Christian leaders through our Leadership Education for Adult Development (LEAD) degree completion program. Our programming is philosophically grounded in the principles of life-long learning. To this end, we provide non-traditional students with a comprehensive, yet practical education through an intensive curriculum drawing on resources, theory, and knowledge of relevant disciplines. Students are enabled to study, analyze, and evaluate ethical and management problems in the workplace from a broad Christian perspective. Effective decision-making, goal formation, and short and long range planning skills are important training students receive so they may be prepared to apply principles as Christian leaders in a professional environment.


The LEAD (Leadership Education for Adult Development) Department exists to educate, equip, and enrich adult learners to be Christian leaders in the workplace and the church.


We see graduates of Manhattan Christian College as being sent forth with biblical principles of ethics to apply ineveryday management situations in the workplace.


By completing a degree with a major in management and ethics at MCC, a student will:

  1. College Level Examination Program (CLEP) – national, standardized exams emphasizing an understanding of the liberal arts.
  2. DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST) – national, standardized exams to fulfill introductory college level courses a variety of disciplines.

Instructional Modules

The program consists of 16 modules or courses. Modules are typically five or six class sessions each and meet weekly from 6 to 10 p.m. The program is continuous for 23 months with a few interspersed short breaks. Each group of students (or cohort) progresses through the program together, taking one module at a time. The modules are organized into four semesters, or 48 semester credit hours. Assignments for each week are detailed in each course syllabus and allow students to adjust their study schedules accordingly.