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Distance Education Department

Non-Traditional Campus Director: Bruce Long

Non-Traditional Campus Recruiter and Advisor: Becca Strom

Manhattan Christian College has made a commitment to global ministry leadership training. MCC’s distance education courses are designed to provide busy adults the opportunity and flexibility to pursue the same regionally accredited biblical education that our on-campus students experience. The program is designed to enhance your current ministries and careers and put you on the road toward completion of a bachelor degree in Biblical Leadership or our popular Management and Ethics degree. Each course meets for eight weeks and earns three semester hours of credit.

Distance education students may take any two of the online courses during each 8-week term, and there are two 8-week terms per semester. Generally, students spend an average of 12-15 hours per week on each class. This may vary depending on how quickly you read and complete your assignments.


The Distance Learning Department exists to educate, equip, and enrich Christian leaders in any location, at any time to become more effective leaders in their churches and communities.


Upon completing the course of study in biblical leadership, a student will:

  1. Demonstrate a general knowledge and understanding of the Christian canon and theological concepts
  2. Demonstrate an integration of their studies into leadership ministry
  3. Understand the basic principles of leadership in a healthy, growing church
  4. Perform the basic exegesis necessary for preaching, teaching, and Bible study
  5. Demonstrate a basic level of expertise in the skills necessary to perform practical ministry in the local church
  6. Have a basic understanding of the history of the church and the Stone-Campbell movement