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MCC Now Alumni Campaign


The following MCC alumni families generously gave to help us accomplish our goal of $5,000.
In fact, we blew through that goal, and raised $6,440! Our IT Director is working on finishing the wireless technology in the last of our classrooms, and our professors are ecstatic about the improvements!

Alumni Givers:

Cole Kedney (Ruby)
Jeff and Jennifer Isaacs
Avery Simecka (Sophia)
Terri Kern (Nick)
Delbert and Helen Grover
Jeff Alton (Sheila)
Charlyn Smith (Dave)
Brad Oberg (Jean)
Ron and Carolyn McCaffrey
Rich Everett (Jenny)
Johnna Frantz (Austin)
Velma Appl (Franklin)
David Edwards (Pat)
Bob and Beverly Hovorka
Jaylin Storm (Geena)
Lock and Gina Schnelle
Nathanial Pearson
Don and Beth Paden
Ron and Haven Howard
Jenne Andrews
Deanna Dinsmore (Jim)
Devin Wendt (April)
Mike Bradshaw (Sandy)
Rebecca Adams
Lynda Ruth McClintock
Rex and Sharry Miller
Wanda Wright
Georgia Briggs (Patrick)
David and Pam Warren
Bruce and Pat Smith
Michelle Kline

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