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Associate Minister

Position Description

  • Provide overall leadership, strategy, oversight, and direction for ministries aimed at children, youth, young adults, and community outreach.
  • Children’s / Youth / Young Adult ministries include but are not limited to: Nursery, Children’s church, Children’s Sunday school, Vacation Bible School, Youth ministry, and Young Adult educational opportunities.
  • Insure adherence to or improvements to safety policies (children’s check-in process, background checks for volunteers, etc.)
  • Plan and manage the budget for children, youth, and young adult ministries.
  • Lead in the development of sustainable ministries in the above areas by strategically recruiting, training, and shepherding teams of volunteers to minister in these areas. Implement a calendar of events that will focus on equipping and growing children, youth, and young adults. This will bring about long-term kingdom impact.

Physical Address

Arcadia Christian Church

14201 Beriton St

Santa Fe, TX  77517


Please contact Marty Adams at for more information or to apply.


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