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Associate Minister: Children/Youth and Young Adults

Arcadia Christian Church is looking for Associate Minister for Children, Youth and Young Adults.  The Children, Youth and Young Adult Minister is a member of the pastoral staff of ACC and is selected by the Eldership, Senior Minister and confirmed by the congregation. The Youth and Young Adult Minister is accountable to the Eldership and the Senior Minister.

Responsibilities (General Scope)

  • Provide overall leadership, strategy, oversight, and direction for ministries aimed at children, youth, young adults, and community outreach.
  • Children’s / Youth / Young Adult ministries include but are not limited to: Nursery, Children’s church, Children’s Sunday school, Vacation Bible School, Youth ministry, and Young Adult educational opportunities.
  • Insure adherence to or improvements to safety policies (children’s check-in process, background checks for volunteers, etc.).
  • Plan and manage the budget for children, youth, and young adult ministries.
  • Lead in the development of sustainable ministries in the above areas by strategically recruiting, training, and shepherding teams of volunteers to minister in these areas. Implement a calendar of events that will focus on equipping and growing children, youth, and young adults. This will bring about long-term kingdom impact.
  • Work under the leadership of and partner with the Senior Minister and Elders to fulfill the vision of the church by being involved in pastoral, pulpit, operational, and strategic responsibilities.
  • Perform any other duties as assigned by the Senior Minister and or Elders.


  • Team builder.
  • Loves children and youth.
  • Ability to encourage and disciple young adults.
  • Has at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field.
  • Agrees with our core beliefs.
  • Has the biblical characteristics of Titus 1:6 & 1 Timothy 3:2.
  • Have Restoration Movement roots.

Expected Job Products (Results)

  • High quality children’s programming.
  • Youth and young adult spiritual growth.
  • Ever expanding and improving volunteer team.

Physical Address:

Arcadia Christian Church

14201 Beriton St.

Santa Fe, TX 77517


Interested candidates should send their resume by email to Marty Adams,


Further information about our church can be found at:

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