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Associate Minister of Children & Youth

Associate Minister of Children and Youth 

Garden City Church of Christ 

Job Description 


Garden City Church of Christ (GCCC) is a community of Christ-followers who seek to connect people to  Christ, to one another, and to service. GCCC is a 200+ member church located in Columbus, Indiana, and is affiliated with the Independent Christian Church/Church of Christ Restoration Movement. We are  currently seeking a full-time associate minister position to lead us in our ministry to children and youth.  


We believe our children and youth are vibrant and vital contributors to our church. Therefore, the  Minister of Children and Youth will focus on developing relationships with our children and youth  encourage them to mature in their faith and connect them with the life of the church. Also,  enthusiastically lead them to grow in their biblical understanding, and to live authentic lives consistent  with their God-given purpose. The Associate Minister of Children and Youth should have strong  leadership abilities, be able to connect readily and easily with children, youth and their families, connect  young people with one another, and be able to creatively and passionately encourage children and youth to grow in their faith.  


  1. A Christian who has experienced Believer’s Baptism by immersion and is a committed member  of the local congregation.  
  2. You have been called by God to serve both children and youth ministries, and you have been  ordained (or are willing to be) by a Christian Church/Church of Christ church that recognizes  your calling.  
  3. You agree with and support the stated doctrine and mission of Garden City Church of Christ  (see our statement of faith on our website:  
  4. Have earned a Bachelor’s Degree or greater (preferably in children/youth or family ministry)  from an accredited Bible College or Seminary from a Restoration church college/university.  5. Has strong communication and planning skills and must be able to easily communicate with our  children, youth, and parents.  
  5. Has a servant heart that is willing to help others. 
  6. Willing to collaborate as part of the pastoral and ministry team.  
  7. Possesses strong administrative skills and is good at managing details.  
  8. Has a heart and calling for children and youth ministry.  
  9. For married candidates, a spouse in full support of your ministry calling, who will serve in the  church in the way that suits her gifts.  



The Associate Minister of Children and Youth is accountable to the Lead Minister and the Board of  Elders. 


Children and Youth Ministry – 80% 

  1. Plans events for the children and youth, including Bible studies and ministry trips -varied in  place and purpose – that are outreach and service-oriented.  
  2. Seeks to minister to all children and youth in our church family, including those who do not  regularly attend children/youth activities, by developing personal relationships with the  children and youth.  
  3. Builds positive relationships with parents.  
  4. Recruits and trains volunteer leaders to help with our mission and reflect our values.  5. Develops ways to receive input and evaluation from parents, teachers, volunteers, and other  church leaders regarding children and youth ministry.  
  5. Maintains and enforces Safety and Security policies and procedures.  
  6. Networks with other youth workers in the community, and plans or attends area events with  other ministries annually.  
  7. Sets and oversees the children and youth ministry budget.  
  8. Integrates children and youth into the life of the church, supporting and participating in the  church’s vision, worship services, and activities.  
  9. Grows and enhances our children and youth ministry by setting the mission, values, and a plan  to carry it out to develop their relationship with Jesus Christ.  

General Pastoral – 20% 

  1. Prays regularly for the church and shares prayer needs with other staff members.  2. Attends weekly staff meetings.  
  2. Keeps consistent office hours.  
  3. Participates with the Elders in the shepherding of the congregation, including teaching and  preaching, visitation, counseling, and other pastoral duties as needed.  

We are seeking a full-time Associate Minister of Children and Youth. Please submit your resume and  cover letter to along with your response to the following question (in  300-500 words): Why do you believe you are called to children and youth ministry?


Physical Address: 
Garden City Church of Christ
3245 Jonesville Rd., Columbus, IN 47201

Melissa White


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