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 Associate Pastor of Worship/Youth Ministries 

Job Title:  Associate Pastor of Worship/Youth Ministries 

Job Description: Provide leadership for Worship/Media and Youth ministries, in keeping with the vision and direction of Bridge Church. Assist the pastor in broader church matters.

Job Classification:  

  • This is a fulltime position.  The expectation for this position is 40 hours per week average.
  • Heath benefits included.
  • Your assigned days off will be Friday and Saturday.

Working Relationships:

  • Reports to Seth Budimlija, Pastor, who is responsible to Elders in all matters. 

The Associate Pastor of Worship provides hands on leadership (including recruiting, training, and development) for the following areas:

  • Worship/Media Team
  • Bridge Youth

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop relationships with volunteers.  Ensure proper training, and discipleship is available to them, and provide if needed.
  • Create and maintain worship set lists.
    • According to Bridge Church worship criteria.
    • Facilitate practice sessions for the worship team.
  • Provide leadership and oversight for the Media Team.
    • Volunteer rotation, purchases, etc.
  • Properly prepare, and teach Highschool SS, and Wednesday night Youth gatherings.
    • Develop Leaders to help assist in these meeting times.
    • Establish a teaching and discipleship plan for Bridge Youth.
  • Develop relationships with families in the ministry.  
    • This includes follow-up, hospital visits, birthday cards, thank you cards, etc.
  • Operate the ministry in budget, and work with elders for future year budgeting.
  • Participate in broader church life.
  • Advocate for the kingdom and Bridge Church in the community.
  • All other duties assigned.


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