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BLOC Intern

BLOC is an urban ministry, embedded in the heart of Cincinnati’s Price Hill communities. Our mission is to Build Relationships with Our Neighbors and Share Hope in Brokenness.

One of our values is to Live Where We Serve, and so all of our full-time ministry staff live in one of the three Price Hill neighborhoods. This gives us unique perspective and access we wouldn’t have by any other way. We care about what’s happening in the neighborhood because it’s our neighborhood too. We get to know our neighbors because our kids are outside playing with theirs. We go through the same checkout lanes at Kroger as our neighbors do.

In other words, we don’t commute home from the office at 5 pm. Our neighborhood is our office. We believe that offering experiential internships is a great way to introduce students to this way of service, this way of life.

Would you like to join us?

How It Works:
BLOC Internships are like other academic internships—they are carefully monitored work experiences that support your academic or career goals and earn you academic credit.

Some specifics to BLOC:

  • As an intern, you will be provided low-cost BLOC housing in one of the Price Hill neighborhoods (only $200/month).
  • You will need to raise your living expenses. Please take time to pray and consider your financial needs so you can budget and raise your salary accordingly. We suggest a minimum of $1000/month. BLOC provides training and resources to help with support raising.
  • Internships can vary from a summer internship to a year-long residential internship.
  • You will be given a mentor, training, and practical ministry experience.
  • Your internship will be tailored to your personal interests and talents. We want to help you as much as possible while also supporting the health of the ministry and laying the groundwork for your long-term service.
  • Out of the 20 different ministries within BLOC, here are a few you can put your primary focus on:
    • Missions Team
    • Horses on the Hill
    • Weightless Anchor
    • Sports Performance, and
    • Marketing

Physical Address:

BLOC Ministries

911 W 8th St

Cincinnati, OH 45203


For more information or to apply, contact Jennifer Howard,


BLOC Website