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Children’s Ministry Director

Job Description
To champion the spiritual development of children birth – 5th grade by providing direction and oversight for the KidMin team and empowering parents to lead children into a life impacting relationship with Jesus Christ.

 Scope of Responsibility

  • Develop and implement a strategy and the processes for leading children into a deeper understanding of God, His Word and His Church and to live a life marked by faith and love.
  • Provide leadership, direction, oversight and care for the Kids’ Ministry staff and volunteers. This includes clear and regular communication of direction and responsibilities and performance evaluations within the ministry. The current paid staff are:
    • Children’s Ministry Administrator
    • Base Camp Coordinator (Birth through 4 year olds or Pre-K)
    • Ascent Coordinator (Kindergarten through 5th Grade)
    • Childcare Coordinator
  • Coordinate a recruitment and training strategy for volunteers for the Kids’ Ministry. This includes the following roles:
    • Small Group Leaders and Assistant Group Leaders
    • Tech Support
    • Check-In Desk
    • Special Event Leadership
    • Special Needs Support
  • Develop and implement a plan for equipping parents to better fulfill their role as the primary spiritual leaders of their children within the home and to oversee Parent/Baby Dedications.
  • Maintain effective security and safety protocol within the Kids’ Ministry that includes check-in and check-out procedures, maintaining secure areas, teacher policies, background checks, emergency plans, and classroom rules and procedures.
  • Provide instruction and training for parents and children regarding the ordinances of baptism and communion, leading kids in the process of surrendering their lives to Christ and assisting with baptisms as requested.
  • Implement a strategy to reach and bring new children and their families into the life of the church. This includes a follow up plan for new attenders.
  • Oversee the Childcare ministry that serves other ministries in the church and to assist with the hiring process of Childcare workers.
  • Coordinate a strategy to serve children with special needs and their families through integration in existing programs when possible and creating appropriate special programs when needed.
  • Tactfully respond to questions and address conflicts that arise in the Children’s Ministry.
  • Oversee text, social media, and email communication to students/parents.
  • Submit bulletin announcements.
  • Work closely with the Staff to ensure the ministry is fulfilling the overall mission and vision of PPCC and helping other ministries who depend on the Children’s Ministry to do the same.

Physical Address

Pikes Peak Christian Church

4955 Bradley Rd

Colorado Springs, CO  80911


Interested candidates please send resume to Trinity Albertson


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