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Director of IT

Job Description

Manhattan Christian College is looking for a Director of Information Technology. This position is full-time, benefits-eligible, on-site in Manhattan, KS.

 Major Responsibilities:

  • Develop short and long-range technology plan including implementation timeline and budgeting, in cooperation with the President and Administrative Council.
  • Serves as the primary point of contact for the college’s information systems for all departments.
  • Establish procedures and policies to meet the I.T. needs of the college.
  • Maintains expertise in applicable hardware and software technology, with a view to improve technology services at Manhattan Christian College.
  • Ensures that campus network and computer systems appropriately serve campus needs.
  • Supervises and coordinates budget preparation and administration for Information Technology.
  • Select, supervise, and evaluate any personnel subordinate to this position which most likely will be a student worker.
  • Coordinates instruction needed to help all campus personnel and students become knowledgeable on campus technology, compliance with federal regulations, and best practices for safety and information protection.
  • To maintain appropriate security measures and firewalls in the campus IT network and computers providing protection against potential threats including but not limited to hackers, viruses, phishing, ransomware, etc.
  • To maintain appropriate backups of all college data.
  • Manage all information resources
    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Network
    • On campus computers in offices and library
    • Instructional technology
    • Distance learning; in coordination with Director of Distance Education.
    • User support services
    • Maintain hardware and software as necessary to keep the college’s website operational.
    • All campus email accounts
    • Manage and maintain electronic door access control
    • Security Cameras
  • Establishes policies, including, but not limited to network security, disaster response, backup/recovery, cyber-insurance, and network hardware/software standards.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Personal:
    • Demonstrates commitment to the Lordship of Christ and the mission of the church.
    • Demonstrates familiarity and commitment to the mission of the college.
    • Practices Christian stewardship of all resources
    • Possesses Strong people skills.
    • Demonstrates the ability to be a self-starter.
    • Demonstrates a good work-ethic.
  • Professional:
    • Competent understanding of computer networks and programming.
    • Competent in software and ability to learn software used by the college.
    • Independent thinker who is analytical and detail oriented.
    • Able to plan, organize and complete large projects in a timely manner.
    • Physical ability to install and maintain all campus IT network and computers hardware as needed.
    • Ability to assess situations and make decisions quickly and confidently.
    • Flexibility.
    • Minimum of two years of work experience with computer technology.
    • Network certified is preferable.
    • Minimum of two years of college education.

 Working Relationships:

  • Reports to the President
  • Provide IT support for all administrative departments of the college: Executive, Academics, Financial and Administrative Services, Institutional Advancement, and Student Development.
  • The ability to relate well to the entire faculty and staff, and the student body of MCC.

Physical Address

Manhattan Christian College

1415 Anderson Ave.

Manhattan, KS 66502


Send all submissions and address all questions to Pres. Kevin Ingram at Click here for job posting Job Description


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