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Discipleship Minister




The Discipleship Minister is a full-time position whose responsibility is to advance adult discipleship and develop leaders throughout First Christian Church of Dodge City. The church is committed to existing as a church known for, “disciples making disciples.”

More specifically, the Discipleship Minister will deepen the congregation’s spiritual growth and biblical knowledge by providing leadership and vision to ministries that promote the development of authentic Christian community, discipleship, and accountability so that adult members of the body are assimilated and built up in unity and maturity in Christ.

This position is specifically responsible for providing leadership to the assimilation and discipleship ministries of the church that include: Life Groups, adult Sunday School classes, and all assimilation ministries (Welcome, Next, 101/201, etc.). This position will also be the point of contact for all adult ministries: (Men’s, Women’s, 55 & Better). The Discipleship Minister will assist those ministry leaders with communication, training, and teaching as required. The Discipleship Minister will also be responsible for other duties as assigned and will report directly to the Senior Minister.


The Discipleship Minister must:

  1. Give testimony and life witness of: (1) spiritual gifts relevant to these areas of ministry; (2) prior ministries in these areas; and (3) God’s affirming blessing on those ministries. The spiritual gift of teaching is required.
  2. Have an appropriate and adequate education and/or currently pursuing such, preferably at the graduate school level, in an area of study relevant to the ministry responsibilities. Have prior pastoral and ministry experience.
  3. Have a sound knowledge of Scripture and an ability to effectively apply Scriptural principles in ministry that lead to life transformation.
  4. Be a stable, mature and growing Christian with an exemplary personal, marital and family life.
  5. Possesses solid leadership and management skills and be able to effectively lead large ministry teams.
  1. Have a love and passion for both making disciples of believers and reaching unbelievers through a personality that can reach out to all types of people and win their trust and confidence.
  2. Be a self-motivated, extroverted individual, who can create, develop and implement effective ministry strategies for his key areas of responsibilities.
  3. Be committed to a teamwork approach and work well with other pastoral staff, volunteers and ministries within the church.


Critical Priorities – Provide leadership and oversight for the Life Group/Sunday School/Adult Discipleship ministries of the church, as follows:

  1. Promote a church-wide culture that: (a) encourages people to move into relationships of authentic Christian community (b) encourages people to move toward deeper levels of intimacy with Christ and (c) encourages a better understanding and knowledge of the Scriptures.
  2. Develop and oversee a systematic discipleship ministry that helps people grow from salvation into spiritual maturity.
  3. Develop mentoring and discipleship relationships with current group leaders as well as work to recruit new teachers and assistants as needed to meet the needs of the church body. Regularly meet with group leaders.
  4. Cultivate new groups to meet the needs of the various people within the congregation.
  5. Oversee and develop equipping and Life Group training materials for both leadership personnel and the congregational body as a whole.
  6. Oversee the quality and content of adult discipleship curriculum and the quality of the teaching.

Provide leadership and oversight to assimilate new attendees into FCC DC, including:

  1. Lead, oversee, and provide vision and training for the church’s assimilation ministries.
  2. Help foster a warm and welcoming church atmosphere where the love of Christ is shown to visitors and new attendees.
  1. Help new people find a place to grow spiritually and relationally at the church, primarily through Life Groups, Sunday School classes, and Men’s, Women’s Ministries, and 55 & Better.
  2. Create effective assimilation programs and methods that help new visitors get connected within the church and develop into mature disciples.
  3. In conjunction with the staff, facilitate the follow-up of visitors to the church.
  4. Counseling as needed.
  5. Fulfill other pastoral duties as required (e.g., weddings, funerals, baptisms, communion, prayer, etc.).
  6. Provide teaching and preaching as needed.
  7. Work as a member of a strong leadership team supporting and teaching the vision, mission, and values of the church.
  8. The church’s staff and leadership values include – Grace: Extending the love and forgiveness of Christ. Relationships: Valuing & viewing people as God does and resolving conflicts Biblically. Excellence: Striving to do all things with excellence in and for Christ. Devotion: Committed and dedicated to Christ, our mission, and one another. Outreach: Reaching out to those who do not know Christ & showing them His love & grace. Discipleship: Growing in a deepening relationship with Christ & helping others do the same. Sacrifice: Modeling Christ by thinking of others before ourselves & being obedient to God. Teamwork: Working through teams of people, each person using their God given gifts. Humility: Guarding against pride and remembering that all we have is from God. Flexibility: Being open to growth and change, as the Lord directs.
  • Reporting and Evaluation: Will report to and be evaluated by the Senior Minister.
  • Coordination: Will coordinate ministry with all other pastoral staff and volunteers to enhance the ministry of the church.
  • Planning and Execution: Will develop annual budgets, goals, and strategies for his area(s) of responsibility with the input of the Senior Minister and provide clear communication with regards to progress, results, and obstacles.

Contact Dusty Cookson for more information.

Applicant Deadline is 6/15/19

Physical Address:
First Christian Church of Dodge City
711 5th Avenue Dodge City, KS 67801

Dusty Cookson


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