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Family Ministries Pastor/Elder

Florence Christian Church is a non-denominational, Elder/Pastor run church of 225 (Sunday’s pre-pandemic) on the

Oregon Coast. We are a body of believers seeking to Love God and Love People in all of life. Florence, OR. (9,000 in city,

14,500 in Zip Code) was once a fishing and logging community, which has reinvented itself as a retirement and tourism

destination. While Florence has had many vibrant retirees move to this community over the past 15 years, there are just

as many young & families with more than 2,000 children living in the community.

FCC is looking for someone to join our Pastor/Elder team who can partner with us as we move forward in equipping

believers to live out their faith in their neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, and volunteer spaces, developing

discipleship as a way of life. Community Groups are the backbone of our ministries. We believe that a healthy believer

lives in an intentional community with others. This focus on community has allowed us to transition quickly and

weather the last 18 months well.

We have historically strong ministries for Children and Students. We are looking to focus on partnering with parents to

help them fulfill the role as the primary spiritual caregivers within their home. While also offering ministries to our

community that can support students whose families have yet to connect in faith. The person we are looking to bring

on-board will initially primarily focus on these areas, while also serving as an integral part of the Pastor/Elder team.

We are prayerfully seeking to find the person God is calling to be a part of this team, more so than looking to fill a

position or complete a list of tasks. It is our desire that this overview helps to paint a picture of the person we are

looking to partner with, and that the Holy Spirit would begin to reveal His plans for your life, the ministries of Florence

Christian Church, and how those may fit together.

Personal Profile –

We are looking for someone who:

-Is deeply in love with Jesus and His Church.

-Is devoted to his family as an involved spiritual leader, husband, and father

-Has a reliance on the power and practice of prayer

-Has a depth of Biblical understanding and patterns of submission to Biblical authority

-Lives in ‘community’ with other believers as a lifestyle

-Meets the spiritual qualifications of Pastor/Elder as outlined in Titus 1:5-9, 1 Timothy 3:1-7,

1 Peter 5:1-4

-Is working to understand their gifting as outlined in Ephesians 4:11-16

-Feels called to discipleship and has a history of equipping believers to live out a reproductive


-Finds fulfillment in being a humble leader of leaders

-Has a burden to help develop spiritually healthy children, students, and families

-Lives out their faith incarnationally within the community they reside

Ministry Profile –

The Family Ministries Pastor will:

-Join the current ‘plurality of Elder/Pastors’ in a mutually submitted team setting (Acts 14:23,

Gal. 2:1-2, Titus 1:5)

As a functioning Elder, they will have an integral role in leading the congregation

-Lead, develop, equip and cast vision for volunteers in the areas of Children & Student Ministries.

Initially, this will be Hands-On with the vision of establishing leadership teams that can be

equipped to run independently with Pastoral oversight.

Currently in place are

Sunday morning age-graded classes for birth through 12th Grade

Mid-week ministries for MS & HS Students

Seasonal Camps, local outreach events, VBS, etc.

-Create (alongside the Eldership) and spear-head, Family-Focused ministries intended to partner

with and equip parents in becoming the primary spiritual caregivers within their homes

-Fulfill weekly responsibilities including but not be limited to: Elder Meeting; Staff Meeting;

Volunteer Development; Time spent with Families/Students; Visitations as needed and shared

with Eldership

-Preaching Responsibilities (With other ministry considerations in place)

Professional Profile –

-Preferred – Bachelor’s Degree with Ministry-related major (or equivalent)

-5+ years of Pastoral staff experience

-Understands & agrees with FCC’s Statement of Faith & aligns with FCC’s philosophy of ministry

-Strong leadership & communications skills

-Life patterns of servant-leadership

-A track record of developing cohesive teams with lasting results

Positional Profile –

Full time – Competitive salary to be negotiable based on experience and qualifications ($45,000

to $55,000). In addition, medical/dental insurance provided by FCC. Paid vacation, spiritual

renewal, and ministry/volunteer days. Position also includes yearly conference, books,

discretionary, and technology allowances.

Next Steps –

Please mail cover letter and resume to: Florence Christian Church, Attn: Pastoral Search Team,

PO Box 306, Florence, OR. 97439. Learn more about us at


Physical Address

Florence Christian Church

990 2nd St,

Florence, OR 97439


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