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Are you and your spouse being called to be Christ’s witness to, rebellious kids, neglected kids, selfish kids, and kids who have been exposed to trauma? If you respond to Christ’s calling to the Oblong Children’s Christian Home ministry, some kids will curse you, some will doubt your motives, some will utter all manner of evil against you. But some will respond to Christ’s love and guidance coming through your heart, eyes, and hands. They will call you blessed. Their lives will be changed for this life and for eternity. Some will seek you out for Christian guidance throughout their entire lives. Some will bring their children to visit you.

If you are spiritually mature, love kids, and have a solid marriage, God may be calling you and your spouse to a houseparenting ministry. Houseparenting is an opportunity to present the love and teachings of Jesus Christ to up to 8 youth in a family live-in setting.

Oblong Children’s Christian Home is seeking a mature Christian couple to fill a vacancy created by a recently retired houseparenting couple. Houseparents are professionals who work as a team with the counselor/case worker, and executive director to provide a family environment where God changes the lives of youth and the placing families.

Do you want to serve Jesus Christ on a team that respects and values your input as a houseparenting couple? As a team member at Oblong Children’s Christian Home, your voice is heard in the selection of children for placement. Your input is also solicited and respected in decisions that affect your home. All houseparents even attend Board Meetings where decisions are made regarding the future development of the ministry.

This respect for all staff has resulted in the ministry providing stable, Christ-centered homes for youth. The current houseparents on the main campus have served 22 years, 21 years, and 3 years as houseparents. The program, culture, and total remuneration package are attractive too. Three out the four houseparenting couples currently serving the ministry have served as houseparents at other children’s home before coming to the Oblong Children’s Christian Home.

The Oblong Children’s Christian Home offers a competitive pay package, retirement contribution (16% of pay) and fully pays health insurance for the houseparent couple. Housing, food and utilities are also provided. The ministry is a family-style live-in opportunity. Houseparents receive five days per month off when the young people go to the relief home. Two- to four weeks’ vacation and sick leave are also provided.

Young people come to the Oblong Children’s Christian Home because of issues such as minor delinquency, truancy, rebellion, attachment issues and/or because of family issues such as parental health issues, lack of parenting skills, and parental drug addiction.

The current opening is in a boys’ home that provides a stable Christian family home for boys between the ages of 6 and 17 at placement. Houseparents provide unconditional love and guidance. The youth participate in off campus church youth activities, in community sports teams, in on-campus counseling and in an on-campus therapeutic horsemanship program. Young people attend an on-campus school, a Christian school in the community, or a public school depending upon level of responsibility, their needs and their age. The houseparents and the youth in their care can attend one of several local Christian Churches or Churches of Christ in the community.

The goal for most children is return home when both the child and the parents are prepared for successful reunification. If return home is not possible, the home assists the youths until they are prepared for independent living. The ultimate goal is to prepare the young person for a life of Christian living and for eternity.

The home has excellent facilities and enjoys a sound financial base of church and individual support without accepting State and Federal money. If you might be interested, you are welcome to visit our campus and meet with current houseparents.

Physical Address:

Oblong Children’s Christian Home

4094 E. 150th Ave.

Oblong, IL 62449


If you have questions or to apply, contact Arvin L. Moden (618) 592-3633 For a complete list of qualifications and responsibilities see the Home’s website listed below. If you are interested, you are welcome to visit the campus and meet with current houseparents.


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