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Lead Minister

Glenn Park Christian Church is an independent Christian Church located in the southwest part of Wichita, Kansas. Our congregation of approximately 200 members reside throughout the city and neighboring suburbs, coming together to fulfill our mission of sharing the life of Jesus and showing the love of Jesus to the residents in our diverse urban neighborhood. We are seeking a full-time pastor who provides vision and is able to energize the congregation while having a heart for the lost and compassion for the hurting. 


The Lead Minister of GPCC has a significant and influential role in leading our congregation to glorify God through belief, growth, mission and service. This ministry description outlines the responsibilities, qualifications and structure currently in place at GPCC and is intended to assist and encourage his success. 

The Lead Minister is: 

  • Committed to Jesus Christ and His Church
  • A student, teacher and preacher of God’s Word
  • An equipper, mentor and supporter of others in ministry
  • An individual devoted to daily prayer
  • A person of utmost integrity, fidelity and reputation
  • A compassionate person
  • Qualified as an elder as outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9 and 1 Peter 5:1-4
  • In whole hearted agreement with the GPCC Statement of Faith and core values
  • Is an ordained minister thru a local congregation 

Working Relationships: 

  • He is an active and voting member of GPCC
  • He oversees and directs staff in concert with church leadership 
  • He is directly responsible to the Board of Elders for direction, accountability and communication 


Visionary Leadership 

The Lead Minister, in partnership with church leaders, will discern, communicate and implement God given mission and vision. He will have a primary role in: 

  • Designing a strategic intentional plan for achieving that vision
  • Communicating that vision with clarity to the congregation . Mobilizing staff, leaders and teams in a coordinated effective manner
  • Refining the strategy in light of internal and external realities
  • Overseeing the management of supporting ministries 

Preaching and Teaching 

The Lead Minister

  • Regularly preaches and teaches Gods Word with clarity, passion and relevance 
  • Designs integrated worship services that reinforces his teaching and celebrates God for who He is and all He has done.
  • Develops and encourages other teachers and preachers within the church
  • Ensures effective Biblical teaching at every level in the church 

Spiritual Vitality 

The Lead Minister is expected to

  • Model a vibrant, growing and fruitful relationship with God  
    • Practice 1/2 day of solitude with the Lord every quarter
  • Foster a healthy, spiritual environment that promotes growth through instruction and relationship
  • Along with the elders, monitor the spiritual condition of the congregation and respond to needs and opportunities with teaching, ministries and initiatives
  • Oversee the pastoral care of the individuals and families within the church
  • Establish a healthy, emotional climate by guiding leaders and the congregation in demonstrating appropriate levels of care, support and confidentiality
  • Offer direct spiritual counsel and support on a limited basis
  • Have a particular focus on providing pastoral care to church leaders and staff 

Specific Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Invest time in studying the Bible, seeking God and understanding His purposes
  • Work within the bylaws of GPCC 
  • Provide for Baptisms, Dedications, Weddings and Funerals 
  • Provide pastoral care when requested, including premarital counseling 
  • Meet regularly with paid staff and Board of Elders
  • Promote community involvement, service and outreach
  • Establish regular office hours and provide instructions on how to be reached when not in the office
  • Proactively pursue relationships with other pastors and spiritual mentors
  • Take vacations and attend seminars to receive personal times of refreshment and edification
  • Participate in annual reviews with the Board of Elders to discuss effectiveness, objectives, family needs and salary
  • Visit shut-ins at their home, hospitals and nursing homes as able
  • Actively involved in “Large Group” or “All Hands” events 

Physical Address:
Glenn Park Christian Church
2757 S Glenn Ave, Wichita, KS 67217

Kathy Davis


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