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Lead Pastor

Job Description:

Adventure Church, an independent Christian church approx. 100 attendance, just launched 2017. Our former pastor and church planter is taking over as director for an Arkansas church-planting group. Our vision involves more emphasis on “adventure” in outreach methods and experiential-based spiritual formation. Our lead pastor will be more of a facilitator, teacher, spiritual mentor with a love of the outdoors as a place for doing ministry.

Our Vision:

We see ourselves in a 2nd phase, church launch position given the recent Covid pandemic which slowed our efforts even though we grew steadily through those two years. In answer to prayer, we have obtained a beautiful piece of property in a park-like setting perfectly suited for one aspect of our mission—to use physical property as a means to spiritual ends. Embrace the vision of the Apostle Paul in 1 Cor. 9– “Though we are free and belong to no one [except Christ], we have made ourselves slaves to everyone, as as to win as many as possible.”

Our Needs:

A pastor who is deeply inspired by this vision. Age, marital status, education, experience are less important than simply God’s calling for you to be inspired by and have a deep desire to join us in this mission. Whatever “credentials” you might offer, the person we are praying for must love souls and have a passion for reaching all kinds of people in a diverse community which is a fast-growing, constantly changing, small city turning into an interconnected NW Arkansas metroplex of nearly a half million population.

Our Dream:

Rather than strictly a once a week worship facility, we envision a property which can be seen as a destination of itself in a beautiful retreat setting for young families to senior adults. These will include a child-care facility (owned by us but operated by a separate Christian group which will offer a steady stream of income); the 4 bedroom, 2-story home on the property remodeled as a temporary residence for missionaries and an AIRBNB; campsite pads for tents to RVs; a city bike path trailhead; (Benton County is now a national destination for cyclists, especially mountain bikers); an AR state game and fish approved, mini-lake for child fishing tournaments and recreation; a meeting facility architecturally designed similar to an airport hangar in order to facilitate outdoor gatherings; walking trails throughout the property.

Physical Address:

Adventure Church of Bentonville

4508 Town Vu Road

Bentonville, AR 72712


For more information or to apply, contact Tyler Wooldridge (417) 631-9388