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Management Professor

The management professor is responsible for providing leadership and teaching courses in the management and ethics degree. The management professor will teach undergraduate management courses and participate in administrative duties.

Work Activities

The work activities of the management professor exist in two categories. They represent the general activities for this position but are not exhaustive. Other duties may be assigned.

Teaching Activities

  • Facilitate face-to-face classroom experiences.
    • Lecture
    • Group Discussions.
    • Experiential Learning Activities.
  • Facilitate online learning experiences.
    • Course design.
    • Instructional Videos.
    • Variety of Instructional Materials.
  • Create syllabi that clearly communicate the course schedule and how formative and summative assignments meet the course objectives.
  • Update syllabi for each course offering to reflect updated resources.
  • Teach 27 hours per academic year.
    • Current management courses: the management professor may teach from this list.
      • Intro to Management & Ethics
      • Economics for Managers
      • Accounting for Managers
      • Introduction to Marketing
      • Managerial Finance
      • International Issues in Business
      • Organizational Behavior and Change
      • Case Studies: Management & Ethics
      • Capstone: Business Strategies
      • Human Resource Management
      • Management Practicum
    • Future management courses: the management professor may create courses that reflect the need for growth in the management and ethics degree.
  • Utilize MCC’s LMS
    • Post assignments and resources.
    • Communicate with students regarding course material and assignments.
    • Keep an up-to-date grade book.
  • Prepare for class sessions utilizing a system of lesson planning conducive to the professor’s style.
  • Conduct office hours.
  • Participate in course assessment.


  • Academically advise students.
  • Mentor students.
  • Participate in and lead committees.
  • Participate in curriculum review.
  • Participate in department and faculty meetings.
  • Engage local businesses to increase resources for the program (guest speakers, recruitment, field trips).
  • Engage local business leaders to consider as mentors for students.

Tools & Equipment
The management professor uses computers, copy machines, classroom projectors/monitors, and other teaching tools regularly.

Job Context
The management professor spends most of their time in the classroom and provided office space. They are both climate controlled. The provided office space is private and connects to a central faculty commons area with a total of twelve offices. Physical demands include movement between classrooms, campus buildings, and offices. Relationally, the position requires working as a team with other full-time faculty members.

Work Performance
The VP of Academics evaluates the work performance of each professor in a yearly evaluation meeting. Evaluative items include success in the classroom and in administrative tasks.

Classroom Success Measurement Tools:

  • Meeting course outcomes.
  • Student evaluations.
  • Observations from the VP of Academics, the General Studies Department Head, or other peers.

Administrative Tasks Measurement Tools:

  • Professional behavior in interactions with faculty and staff.
  • Full participation in committees.
  • Mentoring students, especially those in the management and ethics degree.

 Compensation Information
Education level and experience determine the compensation and rank. Contact Dr. Greg Delort at to discuss the salary range. The search team will not be aware of any salary discussion. MCC does not participate in a tenure track system.

Upon hire, the professor of management must meet the following criteria:

  • An MBA or similar degree (a doctoral degree is preferred).
  • Teaching experience at the college undergraduate level.
  • Business leadership experience and skills.
  • Computer skills and experience using Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  • Experience with learning management systems.
  • The ability to utilize different methods and mediums to deliver synchronous and asynchronous material.
  • Excellent presentation, written, and verbal communication skills.
  • Active listening skills.
  • The ability to adapt and maintain a positive orientation to change and to learn new methodologies, technologies, and systems.
  • A strong work ethic and ability to prioritize and complete all job responsibilities.
  • The ability to work independently with minimal supervision while maintaining quality and productivity.
  • The ability to work and collaborate in a cooperative and professional manner as part of a team, including with administration, students, and other faculty.
  • The ability to make decisions and meet deadlines.
  • The ability to navigate conflict.
  • Relationship skills that demonstrate emotional maturity and the ability to connect with students and other employees.
  • A demonstrated commitment to the Christian faith.

After hire, the management professor must meet the following criteria:

  • Build courses using MCC’s current learning management system.
  • Learn MCC’s process for advising students.
  • Evaluate the current management and ethics degree to address growth needs.

Manhattan Christian College is an independent college affiliated with independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ. Because of the distinctive mission of the institution, applicants affiliated with the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ (Stone-Campbell Movement) are preferred. Those not connected with this movement should be able to support MCC’s values and statement of faith: Statement of Faith

Physical Address:

Manhattan Christian College

1415 Anderson Ave.

Manhattan, KS  66502


For more information, contact Dr. Brian Medaris, Chair of Search Committee, To apply:Apply Here


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