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Mustard Seed Volunteer

We are in need of more volunteers who are willing to meet with someone in Japan in order to help them practice their conversational English. Usually, we ask volunteers to commit for a month at a time at least one hour a week (some people do more, and we’ve had many volunteers with us for many months). Japanese participants are able to sign up for topics they want to discuss (nature, seaons, daily life, compare & contrast, free talk, etc.) and we provide a loose curriculum for our volunteers to follow in order to help the conversation flow well – they do not need to be experienced English teachers in order to help! This may be the first time the Japanese participants will come in contact with a Christian, and we hope that this may spark conversation/interest in the gospel. Right now, we have many more Japanese people interested than volunteers willing to meet with them, and there have been OCC students in the past who have counted it towards Christian service hours. And all they have to do is hop on Zoom and chat with someone to help them practice their English!
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