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NextGen Ministry Director

Job Description
To champion the spiritual development of children and youth (birth – 18) by providing direction and oversight for the NextGen team and empowering parents, leaders, and volunteers to lead children into a life-impacting relationship with Jesus Christ toward our vision of turning broken people into relentless, loving servants of Christ.


  • Embody the philosophy of the PPCC ministry while developing and implementing the structure and strategy of the NextGen Ministry, to include, but not limited to vision, strategy, ministry goals, program development, training, planning, and communication; and
  • Develop administrative systems, processes, policies, and procedures for the NextGen Ministry for human resources, financial management, communications to staff, volunteers, NextGen Ministry participants, and PPCC leadership, etc.; and
  • Actively recruit, onboard, mentor, develop and manage, etc. all NextGen employees, childcare workers, volunteers, etc.; and
  • Develop, coordinate, and implement a recruitment and training strategy for volunteers and leaders for the NextGen Ministry.
  • Create, coordinate, recruit for, and manage a NextGen Council made up of staff members, parents, and senior high students to keep the ministry moving in the right direction by providing input from the sheep to help the shepherds, shepherd the entire flock; and
  • Create, coordinate, and manage NextGen events planning which builds bridges for the NextGen ministry including, but not limited to, all Sunday services, outreach ministries, seasonal events (such as VBS), etc. Includes conducting events where necessary; and
  • Develop technology, media, and graphics for use in the NextGen Ministry; and
  • Manage budgets and financial statements for the entire NextGen program; and
  • Manage all NextGen program administrative tasks and personnel; and
  • Provide onboarding assistance to new NextGen Pastor, all NextGen employees and volunteers, and any and all personnel when requested, etc.; and
  • Provide leadership, direction, oversight, and care for the NextGen Ministry staff and volunteers which includes, but is not limited to, clear and regular communication of responsibilities and performance evaluations; and
  • Develop and maintain effective security and safety protocol within the NextGen Kids’ Ministry which includes, but is not limited to, check-in and check-out procedures, maintaining secure areas, teacher policies, background checks, emergency plans, and classroom rules and procedures; and
  • Develop, implement, and manage a strategy to reach and bring new children, teens, and young adults and their families into the church family. This includes a follow-up plan for new attendees; and
  • Oversee the Shine ministry (ministry for children/teens with special needs) and Shine On ministry (ministry for adults with special needs) that serves other ministries in the church, by partnering with ministry leaders volunteers, and staff, providing direction and oversight; and
  • Coordinate and oversee the SHINE and Shine On programs, participants, and families and integrate with existing programs when possible and create appropriate special programs when needed; and
  • Provide timely and tactful responses to questions and address conflicts that arise in the NextGen Ministry; and
  • Oversee all text, social media, and email communication to students/parents; and
  • Work closely with the Staff to ensure the ministry is fulfilling the overall mission and vision of PPCC and helping other ministries who depend on the Children’s Ministry to do the same.
  • Speak to the congregation in the main services when requested.
  • Communicate wins, struggles, needs, and upcoming ministry events to the Executive Director.

Skills/Experienced Needed:

  • Has a shepherd’s heart that cares deeply for teammates, volunteers, members, and guests.
  • Able to show compassion, grace, and mercy to others and to pray with them.
  • Able to be trusted with confidential information.
  • Has worked part-time or full-time on a church or ministry staff.
  • Possesses a bachelor’s degree in ministry or related field experience.
  • Possesses skills or is able to learn to use technology tools, including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Planning Center, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc.
  • Able to multitask, problem-solve and adapt under pressure.
  • Able to lead teams and volunteer leaders creatively and collaboratively.
  • Strong organizational and communication skills (verbal and written).

Key Qualities:

  • Must be a baptized believer in Christ who fully supports the ministry of Pikes Peak Christian Church.
  • Humility: Thinks of others more than self and thinks of God most of all.
  • Honesty: Willing to speak truthfully and admit personal failures.
  • Harmony: Works toward maintaining unity in staff relationships, refusing to participate in gossip, and protecting confidential information.
  • Honor: Speaks well of those in leadership and supports their ministry.
  • Hunger: An active member of Pikes Peak Christian Church who is devoted to spiritual disciplines, such as Bible study, fellowship, prayer, giving, and serving.
  • Hard Work: Sets an example by putting forth a good effort for the work of God’s Kingdom.
  • Humor: Able to laugh at oneself and laugh with others.

Physical & Mental Demands:

  • Must be able to sit for long periods of time and type or use a computer.
  • Must frequently lift and/or move up to 25 pounds.
  • Must have the ability to handle high-pressure and time-sensitive situations with grace and integrity

Physical Address

Pikes Peak Christian Church

4955 Bradley Rd

Colorado Springs, CO 80911


For more information or to apply (send resume and references) to Trinity Albertson.


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