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Job Description

To uphold and fulfill the mission of the Cawker City Methodist Church and the First Methodist Church of Glen Elder, Kansas by participating in all facets of the church life, but focusing most effort on preaching, teaching, and church administration.

The pastor shall lead and divide his time between Glen Elder and Cawker City, KS churches which are six miles apart. The pastor shall perform duties that pertain to the office and provide leadership as the spiritual administrator and ex-officio member of all organized groups, classes, and committees.

This would include:

  • Provide coordination of the worship experience,
  • Pastoral care to members and friends of the congregation,
  • Assist in the teaching ministry and nurture of the congregation.
    • We have recently disaffiliated from the United Methodist Church. Our prayer is God blesses us with a pastor that will encourage, inspire, and preach the Word of God.


  • Provide Coordination of the Worship Experience
    • Pastor is expected to commit an average of 40 hours per week to church activities. Eight hours of which will be in the office during agreed office hours divided between both locations.
    • Maintain good communication and cooperation with the church staff and volunteers, providing the oversight and mentoring required in keeping the total ministry program coordinated and effective.
    • Be able to plan and organize a ministry program that directs people towards a life in Christ.
    • Visual aids, bulletin and newsletter information should be prepared in a timely manner.
    • Oversee that the video of the service be delivered to the local cable company to be rebroadcast on the local access channel and the audio to be rebroadcast on the radio station.
  • Provide Pastoral Care to Members and Friends of the Congregation
    • Visit members who are hospitalized, in nursing homes, in long term care, unable to attend church, incarcerated locally, facing a crisis, and inactive members.
    • Attempt to be in contact with each active family of the congregation through visitation, participation in small groups, or other contact that provides an opportunity to share ideas and concerns.
    • Encourage members to be involved in church services, make contacts, and visits outside of church.
    • Conduct special services like communion, baptisms, weddings, and funerals except when schedule or distance makes it prohibitive.
    • Be available for counseling and consultation as needed.
    • Establish a follow-up contact with Sunday visitors.
    • Contact regular attending Parishioners if absent for 3 or 4 weeks.
  • Assist in the Teaching Ministry/Nurture of the Congregation
    • Be available to assist with programs and activities of the Sunday School, VBS, youth, and other groups when sought and appropriate.
    • Be actively involved with the Community Youth Group.
    • Offer Membership Classes for new and current members, as well as other classes as need dictates.
    • Supply a pastoral article for the newsletter.
    • Maintain or delegate social media communications. (Facebook & Website)


  • The annual starting salary is based on experience.
  • Health Insurance: $750 per month is paid to contribute towards health insurance.
  • $2,000 per year contribution into a retirement fund set up by the Pastor.
  • $12,000 a year is the rental value of the parsonage. (Ranch style, 5 bedrooms in Cawker City)
  • Pastor has two weeks total for vacation/sick leave/PTO after the first year, after 10 years three weeks of vacation/sick leave/PTO, after 20 years 4 weeks of vacation/sick leave/PTO. Additional time off for work-related retreats, workshops, etc. is available with administrative council approval.
  • The Parsonage is provided by the church in Cawker City. The Pastor may be responsible for mowing and snow removal at the parsonage.
  • Utilities (Electric, water, sewer, trash pickup, gas) in the Parsonage are the minister’s responsibility, but they will be paid by the church and the minister reimburses the church.
  • The landline church phone in the CC Church also rings in the Parsonage and is paid by the CC & GE churches.
  • The internet connection in the CC church is an Off Premise Extension from the Parsonage for $17.99 and is paid by the church. The pastor must pay their own internet connection in the Parsonage for the internet in the church/office to work.
  • The Glen Elder Church has phone and internet paid for by the GE church.
  • Mileage reimbursement is based on the published federal rate for church related business. Each church has a yearly budgeted amount to stay within. Mileage will be logged, turned in, and reimbursed monthly.

Physical Address

First Methodist Church of Glen Elder &

Cawker City Methodist Church

116 Nash St

PO Box 95

Glen Elder, KS 67446


For more information or to apply (send resume and references) to


Church Website