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Pastor Part-Time

Belleville community is a small town of less than 5,000 population in north central Kansas.  We are seeking a part-time pastor.

Several of our members participate in the Mission Summit of American Baptist Churches of USA, the annual gathering of our ABCCR Region and meetings of our central association. Organizational structure is one Church Council with sub-committees or task groups formed as needed.  We also work cooperatively with other community churches and the local Ministerial Alliance.

Church Expectations:

  • To expect our pastor to take leadership.
  • Our approach to social issues be basically educational, leaving any action to individual conscience.
  • To emphasize ABC relationships locally, national and internationally.
  • That our church’s ideas and plans are made by the responsible board, committee or task force.
  • That in making decisions our church is governed by the congregation.

Our Church Tends:

  • To avoid conflict and confrontation.
  • To be influenced by history and tradition.
  • To feel ethical decisions should be based on absolute standards.
  • To be involved in community affairs.
  • To communicate our decisions formally and informally by bulletins, phone, email, grape vine or other informal methods.
  • To place must emphasis on giving to ABC national and world missions.

Our Church Offers:

  • Sunday School for all ages.
  • Women’s Ministries.
  • Mission Involvement and Education.
  • Youth and Senior Adult Ministry opportunities

.We Occasionally Offer:

  • Ecumenical worship events.
  • Community based needs ministry.
  • Midweek prayer/Bible study.
  • Midweek children’s programs.
  • Child care for services.
  • Children’s ministry opportunities.
  • Intergenerational activities.
  • Community service opportunities.

 Who We Are and What We Want in a Pastor:

  • Believes in the inspired Word of God, what the Bible teaches and in the work of the Holy Spirit.
  • Will preach from scripture and stand up for what it says and is not afraid to try different approaches to reach everyone in sermons.
  • Can see beyond denomination to the word of the Bible.
  • Believes in the democracy of the Church and values and seeks everyone’s input and abilities.
  • Will consult with at least 3 church council and/or congregational members on all church decisions (changes, expenditures, programs, literature, etc.); work hand in hand with members.
  • Communicate openly with entire council about ideas, problems, etc. regarding church and parsonage buildings or personal items.
  • Be involved in Ministerial Alliance and reach out to everyone and work with other churches in the area.
  • Visit shut-ins, elderly, sick and needy.
  • Be involved in Sunday School and/or Bible Study.
  • Be active and visible in the community representing First Baptist Church
  • Have church open to parishioners and community for approved usage (A member of the church will be at any function or use of the church, does not have to be the pastor. Council members will each hold keys to the church.).
  • Be willing to work on outreach programs for all ages and genders for the growth of the church

Physical Address:

First Baptist Church

929 20th Street

Belleville, KS  66935


For more information and to apply contact: Gregg Hemmen


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