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Preaching Minister

Job Description

Yuma Christian Church, a non-denominational church, believing the Bible to be the infallible word of God, is actively searching for the man God has chosen to lead us into the future.

YCC is an existing, growing, and family oriented church in rural northeastern Colorado. Our loving and motivated congregation needs a dynamic visionary who will submit himself to God’s authority, align himself with the leadership of the elders, and join with us to fulfill God’s work in our community. While being a strong spiritual leader, his gifts should also include practical and relevant preaching, teaching, and pastoral guidance.

The Preaching Minister understands that this Job Description is under the oversite of the Board of Elders of Yuma Christian Church. The way this scope of work is accomplished should be communicated and agreeable with the Board of Elders. The Preaching Minister understands that ministry demands a lot of time and his congregation needs to know when he is available to minister to the various needs of the congregation. This schedule must be communicated to the Board of Elders.


Loving people into an extraordinary relationship with Jesus.


Connecting people to Christ, Equipping people to follow Christ, and Inspiring disciples to impact their world for Christ.

Requisite Skills

  • A strong biblical knowledge and a Theology that lines up with Yuma Christian Church statement of faith.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Organization skills.
  • A heart to serve people of all ages.
  • Effective, engaging public speaking skills.
  • Proficiency in relevant technology and social media platforms.
  • Demonstrate qualities of a servant leader (1 Tim. 3 and Titus 1).
  • Ability to set good boundaries with the congregation.
  • Ability to seek out skill sets in others and delegate to those skills.

Education Level

A completed or in-progress degree in Ministry.


  • The Preaching Minister’s first ministry is to his wife and children.
  • Coordinate with the worship minister and team for worship service.
  • Demonstrate strong work ethic and be accessible to the people that he serves.
  • Work concurrently with the elder’s board to define a strategic plan signed by both the elders and the Preaching Minister and lead the strategic planning process after year one.
  • Participate in the development of ministry teams’ budgets and submit budgets to Elders’ board for annual budget approval.
  • Attend all leadership meetings (and arrange for necessary absences).
  • Ensure that ministries are aligned with the strategic plan, biblical principles and YCC statement of faith.
  • Provide pastoral counselling as needed.

 Compensation Package

  • Compensation will be negotiated based on experience and qualification.
  • Two weeks of vacation and one week to attend professional development conferences are included in compensation package.

The Strategic Plan (This Section will be updated at the end of the year, for the next year.)

  1. Establish youth ministry programs directed at Grades 6-12.
  2. Develop a discipleship program to guide new Christians and further educate the Yuma Christian Church congregation.
  3. Plan and implement small groups. Our members need a safe space to develop safe relationships to do life, and the church needs a less formal place to invite people to church to begin their relationship with God.
  4. Establish organized structure and support to manage growth
    What does this look like exactly? Maybe Ministry leaders (deacons) that look at the needs of the congregation as well as ministry directed at church and the community.
  5. When needed, organize and provide a second service.
    We know we are limited for worship space.

Continued Education

Preaching Minister will have a continuing growth plan that is designed to improve ministry skills and the ability to lead and disciple people to Jesus. It will be signed by the Preaching Minister and the Elders. It will be updated yearly at the same time as the Strategic Plan.

The Preaching Minister will also help organize a growth plan for the individual elders that will also be signed by the Preaching Minister and the elders.

Physical Address

Yuma Christian Church

611 N Albany St

Yuma, CO 80759


For questions or more information  contact Chuck Baker (970) 554-1651. To apply please send resume including three references in PDF format to


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