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Preaching Minister

New Brunswick Church of Christ, Lebanon, IN is in search of our next Preaching Minister. We are looking for a preacher who provides spiritual and pastoral leadership to the members and serves as the spiritual leader of the church to fulfill its mission and purpose as taught in the Bible. New Brunswick looks to bring a young minister in to help him grow in his preaching or a leader who is more established to help them grow in their outreach to the community. Salary is negotiable and parsonage is available.

The Focus of the Minister:

To serve as a pastor, resource person, and equipper in the ministry of the New Brunswick Church of Christ.


Preaching and Teaching

➢ To study, prepare and deliver sermons, Bible studies and Bible school lessons

➢ To help the church family mature in Christ

➢ To encourage others to discover their gifts/abilities

➢ To help in the development of these gifts

➢ To direct and encourage people into new areas of ministry

➢ To be available to all ministry teams for consultation, resource, and support

Pastoral leadership

➢ To call on visitors to the church and their families

➢ To call on those in the hospital and shut-ins

➢ To assist the church leaders in calling on members

➢ To be available for questions and counsel on Biblical questions

➢ To maintain an awareness among leadership of conditions and issues within the church

➢ To provide guidance for individuals’ needs (premarital, marital, bereaved, etc.) on a short-term basis


➢ To balance evangelistic outreach with nurture of discipleship in New Brunswick’s programming, ensuring the discipleship pathway is moving non-believers and believers to deep places of faith and service.

➢ To promote a multi-generational program for children, youth, and adults to be actively involved.


➢ To establish and maintain regular office hours

➢ To regularly meet with the leaders to report and discuss plans for the work of the church

➢ To oversee the work of the church office (a part-time administrative assistant) and active ministry teams (volunteers)

Authority of the Minister:

  • To plan and execute a weekly schedule relative to the stated responsibilities as defined by the Church leaders

Accountability for the Minister:

  • Responsible to the elders.
  • An annual appraisal and evaluation of performance will be conducted by the elders.

Extra-Congregational Functions:

  • To act as a liaison between church leadership and other sister congregations and community functions.
  • To actively support and participate in state and national ministries, (e.g., church camp, Bible college, ICOM, etc.)

Personal Growth:

  • Develop a growing relationship with God through daily prayer and Bible reading
  • Maintain a healthy marriage and family life
  • Regularly pray for the church members and leaders
  • Explore personal and professional growth and development through continuing education, conventions and seminars

Personal and Spiritual Requirements:

  • Professes Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and is an immersed believer.
  • Continually pursues an intimate, transforming relationship with God and healthy lifestyle
  • Considers this position a ministry, not just a job
  • Practices healthy relational boundaries and fiscal integrity
  • Manages his family well, if married
  • Spiritual vitality, disciplines, and a life “above reproach”

Professional Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree from an Independent Christian (Stone-Campbell) institution
  • Ordained/Commissioned in the Independent Christian (Stone-Campbell) church
  • Able to communicate in a manner that promotes, engages and encourages the congregation or others who are receiving the messages/communication.
  • Disciple-making qualities/experience


We describe our ideal candidate like this:

  • He’s a maturing disciple. He has a growing relationship with Jesus that impacts his life every He models Jesus in handling crises, knowing Scripture, practicing disciplines, and relating with others. He faithfully serves out of his call and giftedness in ministry.
  • He’s faithful, with his personal life as an outpouring of his relationship with Jesus. His marriage is healthy, his finances are secure, he practices generosity, and he understands the importance of rest and close relationships.
  • He’s a disciple-maker. He has demonstrated an ability to lead people in their relationship with Christ in a relational, flexible, intentional, and holistic way.
  • He’s a gifted speaker who is humbled to present God’s Word. He can connect with an audience and help them apply deep truths to their ordinary lives.
  • He’s confident leading, more committed to empowering his team than doing everything on his own.
  • He’s self-aware enough to know his strengths and weaknesses and has a desire to grow in
  • He’s excited about our vision and committed to making it come true. He has new and innovative ideas that inspire our congregation to work together to glorify God.


Think you would be a great fit for this role? Become a candidate below.

Email with resume. Use “New Brunswick” in the subject line.

Text 859.653.0692 for job description and more information. Leave your name and email.

(765) 482-5265.



Physical Address:
New Brunswick Church of Christ
6480 S State Road 39
Lebanon, IN 46052

Rick Shonkwiler



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