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Senior Minister

Rossville Christian Church (RCC) is in search of a full-time Senior Minister. Our church is located at 411 Spruce Street, Rossville, KS, only 25 minutes from the capital city of Topeka, KS. If you are interested in applying please send your resume to with something in the subject line letting us know that you are sending a resume. 

Our congregation is made up of a variety of ages with quite a few young families and many who have been in the church for years and years. On average we have 100 people who come to church. We have contemporary music and communion served every week. 

Our church mission statement is, “To make more and better disciples of Jesus for the glory of God,” based out of Matthew 28.19-20. To this end, we offer different ways for each age group to encounter Jesus outside of Sunday morning service with an after school program for the kids, youth group for the older students, and small groups for the adults. 

We currently have a part-time secretary, a part-time Associate minister of Youth, and a 1⁄4 time kid’s church coordinator on staff. We are also currently in search of a 1⁄4 time worship leader to hire. 

Our past two ministers were here for quite long stints (9.5 years to the most recent and nearly 40 years for the Senior Minister prior to him). Our desire for our next hire would be someone who would be willing to stick around for a good amount of time as well. 

To see our core beliefs, visit,

Purpose of the Position: To uphold and fulfill the mission of RCC by participating in all facets of the church life but focusing the majority of the effort on preaching, teaching, evangelism and church administration. 

General Description: The minister of the church shall perform the duties which usually pertain to that office, and as spiritual administrator of the church he shall be an ex-officio member of all organized groups, auxiliaries and committees. 

Expectations of the position: The expectations of the leadership of RCC for this position are: (1) Be a baptized, committed Christian person who subscribes to the Christian faith and values and demonstrates such in his life. (2) Possess good communication and listening skills across all ages and genders of the congregation and community. Exhibit patience and compassion when working with all ages and genders in the congregation and community. (3) Have an understanding of and empathy for the members of the congregation and surrounding communities, and their problems, concerns, fears, motivations and joys. (4) Be able to plan and organize a complete ministry program of preaching, teaching, counseling, visitation, evangelism, outreach, and church administration, including the supervision and authority over the church staff. Be enthusiastic and energetic in the implementation of this program. Exercise independent thinking, judgment and initiative in consultation with the elders. (5) Supervise the ministries of the church to provide all around cohesion and coordination of curriculum, effort and resources. Provide the oversight and mentoring required to develop leaders for the ministries of the church. (6) Provide spiritual guidance and nurturing to the leadership and members of the congregation. (7) Provide guidance and counseling while maintaining confidentiality. (8) Take the initiative to continually grow spiritually and professionally. (9) Reside in the Community. 

The Desired Outcome from this Position: The desired outcome from this position is a dynamic pastoral ministry that fulfills the mission of RCC and maximizes the effectiveness of the ministry teams at the church. 

Qualifications: (1) Demonstrated Christian lifestyle. (2) Graduate of an accredited 4 year college or university with a degree in Christian ministry. (3) 5 years’ experience preparing and presenting regularly scheduled sermons. This includes planning the scope of a series and coordinating that series to the other curriculum of the church. (4) Demonstrated experience in supervision and delegation of a church staff. This includes setting performance objectives and performance reviews. It also includes administration of the church office operations and operating finances. (5) Demonstrated experience counseling the broken hearted, disaffected and distressed. (6) Demonstrated experience in using presentation technology such as personal computers, presentation software and multimedia projection systems. 

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Physical Address:
Rossville Christian Church
411 Spruce Street, Rossville, KS



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