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Senior Minister

Bay Area Christian Church in Webster, TX is seeking a Senior Minister. BACC is an established church of approximately 175-200 members, founded on the principles of the Restoration Movement. BACC desires to hire an inspirational leader and preacher, who is informed and motivated by a passion for God’s Word and His Will, and who is driven by a love for God and a love for people, to help BACC’s work to advance the Kingdom and the firm belief in John 14:6. Please request a complete job description and the qualifications needed at:

Personal Character and Conduct

  • The Senior Minister is expected to conduct himself in a Christ-like manner, realizing that people watch our example first, before they listen to what we have to say.
  • He will need to understand and accept the personal responsibility and accountability God holds him to as a shepherd of His flock.
  • He is to meet the Biblical requirements set forth for an elder in the books of 1st Timothy and Titus.
  • Public behavior, personal conduct, attitudes, etc., must be above reproach.
  • He should be well disciplined in spiritual and personal habits, motivated by excellence, and able to initiate and organize work responsibilities.
  • The Senior Minister is expected to take part in congregational activities in order to connect with, lead and nurture the congregation into a close relationship with God.
  • He is expected to spend ample amount of time with God in prayer and study in order to set an example to those he leads.
  • He should be willing to hold others accountable and be held accountable by others.

Beliefs of Bay Area Christian Church

  • The Senior Minister should have an understanding of and agreement with the Restoration movement principles.
  • He will agree that God’s Word is infallible and hold it as completely true and without error.
  • He will help sharpen the focus of BACC on the Biblical purpose of the church and help cast a vision of how BACC can achieve that purpose.

Senior Minister – Summary of Responsibilities

  • Preaching
    • Will be responsible for the preaching on Sunday mornings.
    • Will spend time praying for direction and studying God’s word.
    • Will preach messages that have relevance and impact on people’s lives.
    • Will use technology and be able to relate to and participate in social media in a manner that promotes, engages, and encourages the Congregation and others receiving the message.
    • Will work with worship team to coordinate the Sunday morning service, so that the service will strengthen the message being preached.
  • Evangelism
    • Will lead BACC’s evangelism efforts.
    • Will lead by example members in personal evangelism.
    • Will inspire and teach members to share their faith.
    • Will work with community churches to impact our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Leader/administrator.
    • Will serve on the leadership team with the elders.
    • Will help develop and coordinate paid staff.
    • Will challenge, motivate, disciple and encourage staff, elders and servant leaders.
    • Will inspire others to accomplish their ministry goals.
    • Will oversee and help coordinate as needed, servant leaders in different areas of ministry. i.e. Prayer ministry coordinator; missions group leader; guest services leader.
    • Will work with other ministers and elders to visit members as needed in homes, hospitals or nursing homes.

Minimum Requirements.

  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field of ministry.
  • 5 or more years of experience in ministry.
  • Agree with and willing to attest to BACC statement of faith.

Physical Address:

Bay Area Christian Church

14550 Hwy 3

Webster, TX 77598


Email resumes to:



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