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Senior Minister

    1. Preach during the Sunday morning worship. This should be a priority and ample time should be devoted to weekly sermon(s) and Bible lesson preparation.
    2. Coordinate all aspects of the Sunday morning worship to assure that worship activities are performed in a quality and orderly manner. Emphasis will be given to style of worship that honors God and is helpful to the congregation in expressing their worship to Him. Also, efforts will be made that will be evangelistic and helpful to guests and visitors.
    3. Teach in depth, adult Bible classes in both church wide and small group settings at locations and times most responsive to the congregation’s time schedule.
    4. Visit home bound and hospitalized members. Assist members in times of sudden illness, death, tragedy or other similar situations. Perform weddings and funerals as needed.
    5. Organize programs that build up members and their families and that can also serve as an outreach to the lost of the community.
    6. Support elders in their unique oversight role by developing and planning long term strategies required for the physical and spiritual growth of the congregation.
    7. Support deacons in their unique service role within the Church in assuring that church property is properly maintained and all physical needs of the congregation are met. Oversee day to day church administrative operations to include scheduling use of the facilities.
    8. Work with community organizations and programs that meet physical and spiritual needs.
    9. Assure accurate and adequate communication of church programs and goals to the congregation via weekly bulletin and monthly newsletter or similar effective communication channels.
    10. Conduct personal life in accordance with the highest standards of Christianity.

Physical Address: 
Christview Christian Church
3133 New Boonesboro Road
Winchester, KY

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