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Senior Minister

The person serving as Senior Minister is called by God to faithfully serve the congregation of Valley Center Christian Church. He is to join with the elders in shepherding, feeding, leading and nurturing the sheep. This person’s main responsibilities will be to communicate God’s Word, minister to the spiritual needs of and provide biblical leadership for the church. 

Ministry Area/Department: General Staff/Administration

Position: Senior Minister/Paid Staff

Ministry Target: Church and Community

Position May Be Filled By: Graduate of an Independent Christian Church College. Tested and Approved according to 1 Timothy/Titus

Talents or Abilities Desired: Leadership ability – Good communicator – Senior Minister experience –Some training or experience in counseling – Experience in leading others to Christ – Discreet

Passion for: Shepherding the saints and equipping them for ministry and influencing the community for Christ, doing the work of an evangelist.

Responsibilities Under the Oversight and in Close Cooperation with the Elders

  1. Oversee ministerial staff.
  2. Provide leadership and vision for the church. Direct plans for ministry and church growth; develop and fine-tune the church structure.
  3. Motivate, equip and nurture the people of the church through example, preaching and teaching God’s Word and spiritual counseling.
  4. Spend significant time in prayer and Bible study.
  5. Contact/visit hospitalized or grieving church members.
  6. Officiate at weddings and funerals.
  7. Provide premarital counseling, counseling regarding salvation and spiritual issues and other counseling for church members as time permits.
  8. Oversee church discipline and manage conflict in the church. Seek to reconcile relationships and promote unity within the church.
  9. Participate in evangelism efforts through preaching and giving invitations during worship services, revival or other special services, visitations and other outreach efforts.
  10. Perform any other duties as necessary for the growth of the church.
  11. Be available, so that members and others can reach out to our church for ministry during the regular hours of work, as defined by agreement, so that time is available to the Senior Minister for his personal relationships and business.


Physical Address: 
Valley Center Christian Church
1801 E 5th
Valley Center, KS 67147

Randy Finch


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