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Senior Pastor

The Bridge Christian Community is searching for a senior pastor. Our current lead pastor of 13 years recently accepted a senior pastor position with the church he came to us from. We are a church of about 150 and our mission is to nurture a culture of bridge building between God, His family and those here, near and far. The church was planted in 2001 by Christian Evangelistic Mission of Iowa. We started out as a mobile church meeting in several locations for Sunday worship, but now own a building in the heart of the city of Dubuque. Our target group is reaching 18 – 40 year old’s with an emphasis on men. The kind of person we are looking for will meet the Biblical requirements of an Elder, have a background in Restoration Movement churches and be gifted in preaching and teaching. We would prefer someone who tends to be more of extrovert. We are also looking for a person who is comfortable with shared leadership (not a CEO) and has leadership development skills. Especially important is having experience connecting with young adults in our target group.

Physical Address

The Bridge Christian Community

395 West 9th Street

Dubuque, Iowa


Tony Harvey, Leadership Team



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