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Sr. Minister/Pastor

Big Cabin is not populated as its name describes, but is a rather small town, consisting of 253 people, or so Google says.  Other towns of Vinita, Adair, Chelsea and Pryor are not very far away and we have people from all those communities attend, not to mention the thousands who live rurally within a short radius from the church who are potential prospects as well.  The church enjoys a wide age range of people from children only 2 to 3 years old to seniors that are 90.  Attendance waxes and wanes like all other congregations, but I would say 40-55 would be average most Sunday’s as of late.  We have recently done a complete interior remodel on our sanctuary, which looks great and brings us to current modern standards.  Our music is blended with a mix of contemporary praise and worship and traditional hymns and we have a pretty decent praise band comprised from our retiring longtime pastor and the youth of the church, who are all are musically trained.  Currently, we play 3 acoustic guitars, 1 piano, 1 violin and several backup singers each Sunday morning.

We are a very harmonious church family and tend to keep our pastors for long periods of time and have only had 2 pastors in the last 33 years.  We self-govern with a board of elders and deacons that vote to make the decisions of the church.

Financially, our church is in a great place.  We have no debt, pay cash for all renovations (of which we are considering a major exterior remodel), have very generous members who allow us to additionally support several missions every month, including a prison ministry, Ozark Christian College, a Bible translation missionary, Cookson Hills Christian Ministry for children, Holt International and Compassion International.

We have grounded solid Bible teachers that equip all the different age groups at BCCC, including classes each Sunday morning for: adults, a young married/married with children class, a high school class, a junior high class and an elementary class, with nursery workers taking care of the very young children when necessary.  We also have Children Church each Sunday during worship.  Wednesday nights are also covered the same way with the same classes offered as Sunday morning.

In a congregation our size the man we are looking for will need to wear several hats, as many of our church members also wear, to make sure things happen that need to get done.  He would need to be able to drive our church van each Sunday morning and Wednesday night to pick up children whose parents do not attend and then to take them back home.  He would need to be willing to accompany the youth group to various Christian camps, like NYR, or others should we have kids who want to attend. He may need to take over and teach the high school class during Sunday morning.  Sometimes teachers volunteer to teach a class and then it becomes a lifetime appointment, and we may need to give them a break.  It would be an extra bonus if he was musical in the event we lose our song leader, but this is just an added bonus and absolutely not necessary.  Above all, he needs to be able to speak, communicate and PREACH WELL and have a strong desire to bring forth the truth and splendor of God’s word.

To fit best, he needs to be very conservative socially and culturally and grounded in God’s word and what it means with a nature of courage and bravery.  Many of us believe that the American church has begun to change its message and doctrine to mirror the culture, and that the church and the word it proclaims has been watered down, misinterpreted and changed to reflect the times we live in.  We need a strong leader who is unafraid to preach and teach the word of God, regardless of popularity, threat, or persecution in what may be perilous times to come.

I hope these candid descriptions are adequate to allow you to evaluate the position.  If you are interested, please email your resume to Justin Murray at and also include a link to a couple recent sermons you have preached.  Please let me know if you have additional questions and we look forward to speaking to you soon, should you feel led to investigate further.



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