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Summer Team Member

Job Description:

Live, work, and serve in a national park this summer! Minister to your co-workers as you talk and adventure together. Lead interdenominational worship services on Sundays right in the beauty of God’s creation. Get to know your teammates as you share the love of Christ together. There are endless opportunities for ministry adventures when the national parks are your summer back yard!

ACMNP will help you secure a full-time summer hospitality job in a national park, where pay ranges from $10-$15/hour. Housing and food is provided at a minimum cost from the employer. In addition, your team will also lead a worship service each Sunday while engaging in relational ministry during the week.

Every year, we hear from our teams that their summer experience is the hardest, yet best thing they have ever done. The season will transform you and help you discern where God is calling you next. You’ll grow in your own leadership capacities as you step into a unique and new environment. Best of all, you’ll be in a national park that encompasses the beauty of God as you have deep and meaningful interactions with your coworkers and peers.

We are a non-profit missions organization that ministers to national park communities. Similar to other missions organizations, we charge a small fee to participate in our program. However, we connect all of our team members with a full-time, seasonal job in their park, and we estimate that our team members make $2500-$3000 over the course of a summer, after accounting for incurred expenses such as room and board.

Upon accepting a placement offer, there is a $350 Program Fee that covers your training, a leadership assessment, coaching, ministry materials, t-shirt, mid-season support, and a post-season debrief designed to help transition from and process your ministry time in a park. Some team members choose to raise support to help cover these costs. We can help with a fundraising manual and ideas. Past team members have sold stickers or t-shirts, started a Go Fund Me campaign, and planned fundraising events.

Please keep in mind that the expenses related to recruiting, training, and supporting each team member exceeds $2,500. These additional costs are covered by hundreds of faithful supporters of ACMNP who want to invest in our ministry in the parks.

Physical Address:

A Christian Ministry in the National Parks

9250 Costilla Ave, Ste 203

Greenwood Village, CO 80112


If you have more questions, email us at or apply online at today! Preferred candidates will have at least 90 days of availability (though we can work with 60 days of availability on a limited basis).