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Teacher/School Administrator

Oblong Children’s Christian Home is seeking a mature Christian teacher/school administrator who has a heart for teaching four to eight high school students.   The teacher/administrator oversees high school students learning through a self-paced, computer based curriculum called Ignitia provided by a Christian publisher, Alpha Omega.  The teacher/school administrator may supplement the computer based program by teaching electives such as home economics or life skills. A bachelor’s degree from a Christian college or from a university is required.  A teaching certificate is preferred but is not required.  The teacher/school administrator must be able to assist students with mid level math such as algebra and geometry, science and English. The teacher/school administrator keeps appropriate records of each young person’s progress to facilitate transfer of students to other schools or acceptance into college. Since this is a computer based curriculum, there is very little or no after school grading or preparing lesson plans.


The Oblong Children’s Christian Home offers a competitive pay package, retirement contribution and fully pays health insurance for the individual.  For a complete list of qualifications and responsibilities see the Home’s website at


The Oblong Children’s Christian Home, is located in a peaceful rural setting in south eastern IL eight miles from Robinson IL and approximately 45 miles from both Terre Haute and Vincennes IN.  A local junior college provides cultural activities.


The Oblong Children’s Christian Home provides stable Christian family homes on a campus setting. Houseparents provide unconditional love and guidance.  The youth also participate in counseling and a therapeutic horsemanship program.  High School youth initially attend New Life Academy, an on-campus computer based school, but students can progress to the public school. The youth and staff attend one of several local Christian Churches or Churches of Christ in the community.

The goal for most children is for them to return home when both the children and the parents are prepared for successful reunification.  If return home is not possible, the home assists the youths until they are prepared for independent living.  The ultimate goal is to prepare the young person for a life of Christian living and for eternity.


The home has excellent facilities and enjoys a sound financial base of church and individual support without accepting State and Federal money.


Application Procedure:

Send cover letter, resume and references to:





Physical Address:
Oblong Children’s Christian Home
4094 E. 1050 Ave
Oblong, IL 62449

Arvin L. Moden


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