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“Tent Maker” Pastor Position

A part time Pastor who holds a fulltime job outside of the church where he is called as Pastor. Central Christian Church TentMaker Job Requirements

Be a Born Again Christian, knowing Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior

Prefer having a proven record of preaching the Word of Christ to other congregations and Bible Study. Can be a Lay Minister or Ordained Minister. 

Be a proficient student of the standard Christian Bible

Live and work within a 1 1/2 hour driving distance of Lincoln, KS

Accept the guidance of the Church Board in matters pertaining to the governance of the congregational assets of the church

Work with the congregation to set the style and structure of Church services

Have services at the Long Term Care facility in Lincoln, Kansas when it’s our churches turn

Provide counseling as needed and requested and have wellness visitations.


As a pastor, you would provide spiritual leadership to members of the church. Duties include conducting worship services, to interpret biblical scriptures for congregation, provide counseling to church members and assist in crisis situations and officiate at special services, such as baptisms, weddings, and funerals

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We will be celebrating our 135th year as a church in 2020, and are planning a commemorative celebration in August. We are a small retirement community, bringing back many youth, located in North Central Kansas, with abundant wildlife, community involvement and outstanding sunsets!

Contact information: Stacey Scritchfield (Cell 7855311734) or

Physical Address: 
Central Christian Church
209 W Yauger, Lincoln, KS  67455

Stacey Scritchfield (Cell 7855311734)

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