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Worship & Discipleship Minister

Position Description

Title: Worship & Discipleship Minister

Reports to: Senior Minister


  • Education – Minimum of a bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • Experience – 3-5 years as a worship and/or discipleship minister (preferred but not necessary).
  • Skills and Abilities – Musical giftedness either vocally or instrumentally with an advanced Bible knowledge along with a teachable spirit who is willing to learn and grow.

Position Purpose:

A man called of God to help lead our church into the future with conviction, vision, and humility. He will primarily be focused on oversight, direction, and development of the worship ministry and discipleship ministry within First Christian Church of Union to carry out its mission, vision, and purpose.

Overview of Position:

To encourage, promote, and equip the people of our congregation to use their gifts in worship and discipleship. To pursue excellence in an atmosphere that values people above materialism or identity of self. To work alongside the senior minister to envision and develop ministries that will help people to worship God, connect with one another, and grow in their faith as disciples of Christ.

Essential Responsibilities:

People and Team Development

  • Establish and nurture a pool of talent and volunteer involvement in both the worship and discipleship ministry teams.
  • Provide mid-and long-range planning for resources and training.

Administration and Organization

  • Plan and prepare weekly worship services in alignment with the sermon series, seasons, and special events.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with other ministry areas as needed.
  • Be a leader of disciples and develop others to be likewise.


  • Be a talented speaker/teacher/preacher who can consistently engage the congregation.
  • Enthusiastically communicate the values and mission of First Christian Church.
  • In cooperation with the other ministry staff to plan and coordinate the use of technology and creative arts to carry out special events and weekly services.


  • To be a disciple maker who loves God and others.
  • To be a respected leader who is strong, positive, and confident.
  • To create an environment that encourages worship and prepares people to connect with Christ.
  • To arrange schedule, prepare team, lead weekly rehearsals, and direct overall organization of worship services.
  • To develop discipleship opportunities for small group settings (Community Groups, Marriage Enrichment, Parenting, Membership etc.)
  • To be encouraging to others to plan for the future so ministry may be done in excellence by leading in the same fashion.
  • To be emotionally stable and to maintain a healthy and balanced family/home life.


  • Communicate and meet with the Elders on a monthly, if not more, basis.
  • Pastoral Care – member/prospect calling, hospital calling, bereavement calling, weddings and funeral ministry when called upon.
  • Contribute to additional areas of ministry where giftedness, interests, and church needs coincide as determined with the Senior Minister and Elders

Personal Character:

  • Fully devoted to being a growing disciple of Jesus Christ.
  • Display honesty and integrity beyond reproach.
  • Contagiously enjoys life with a sense of humor and the ability to have fun with others.
  • Wholeheartedly agrees with the beliefs and mission of First Christian Church.
  • Is a “down-to-earth” people person. He must truly enjoy people and is highly social.
  • Is a strong leader.
  • Is relatable, approachable, and attentive to others.
  • Is a highly gifted communicator of the gospel.
  • Is relationally healthy and understands the importance of transparency and confidentiality.
  • Is not afraid to trust the staff and leadership.
  • Is comfortable delegating and leading with a collaborative spirit.
  • Encourages people, loves to help people overcome, and equips them to attempt great things and to move beyond their past mistakes.
  • Lives a life of authenticity and openness to who they truly are.
  • Inspires, encourages, and develops leadership in others.
  • Is humble in life, leadership, and giftedness.

Physical Address:

First Christian Church of Union

150 Joel Ave

Union, MO 63084


Please contact John Wagner for inquires or to apply.