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Worship Leader

Rossville Christian Church (RCC) is in search of a 1/4 Time Worship Leader . Our church is located at 411 Spruce St. Rossville, KS, only 25 minutes from the capital city of Topeka, KS. If you are interested in applying please send your resume to with something in the subject line letting us know that you are sending a resume for the Worship Leader position.

We currently have a part-time secretary, a part time Associate minister of Youth, and a 1/4 time kid’s church coordinator on staff. We are also currently in search of a full time Senior Minister.

Here is a quick overview of our church:

One service starting at 10 (practice for worship team starting around 8:45) with around 100 people total.

Contemporary music our services with a full band (piano, acoustic, electric guitar, bass, and drums).

Skills Expected:

  • Ability to lead worship through singing and playing an instrument.
  • Lead effective practice (Monday evening) and rehearsal (Sunday Mornings) times to properly prepare the team to lead worship.

Responsibilities of the Position:

  • Organize, plan and communicate a worship set list for each Sunday consisting of four songs. Communicated to the team through Band App.
  • Come to a Monday evening worship practice for around 90 minutes once a month (for which they would be compensated for mileage on as well).

Compensation for your time would be $100 a week plus mileage set at the federal rate.

For any questions for further information please email

Physical Address: 
Rossville Christian Church
411 Spruce St. Rossville, KS




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