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Worship Pastor

Reports to: Senior Pastor

Qualifications and Position Requirements:

  •      Actively growing and pursuing a life that is living to love and glorify Jesus.
  •      Consistently pursuing personal spiritual disciplines.
  •      Seeks after intentional relationships to help them grow closer to Jesus as well as intentionally helping others know Jesus more.
  •      Expresses their faith in love.
  •      Has at least one person in their life outside of their ministry who is far from Christ that they are helping to draw close to Jesus. (OneLife)
  •      Teachable
  •      A theologically sound leader who creatively connects God’s Word and worship songs to the minds, hearts, and everyday living of the church.
  •      A self-motivated and capable leader who can execute the vision of Hope Summit through worship in a way that inspires volunteer leadership.
  •      A pastor who works at loving their leaders, volunteers and worship participants the way Jesus loves them.
  •      A team player who is willing to serve and support other ministries in the church as needed.
  •      Able to fulfill normal pastoral duties (hospital visits, weddings, funerals, etc)
  •      Minimum of a bachelor’s degree
  •      Basic administrative skills

Duties and Responsibilities:

  •      Champion production of all elements of programmed Sunday Morning Worship Services outside of the sermon.
  •      Recruit, train and shepherd volunteers with diverse gifts and personalities.
  •      Oversee the organization, training, and appreciation of Sunday morning worship and technology teams.
  •      Maintain the use of Planning Center (or other comparable software) for the purpose of communicating upcoming worship services for volunteers to have ample time to prepare.
  •      Update and maintain a library of 40-50 songs for worship services.
  •      Be available to provide pastoral care and spiritual direction to your volunteers on an individual basis.
  •      Create opportunity and oversight for interns and volunteer worship leaders to lead Sunday worship independently.
  •      Lead worship ministry gatherings/meetings for volunteers to maintain communication, training, appreciation, and receiving feedback.
  •      Creation of simple and clear process for new singers, musicians, and technology help to join Sunday morning teams.
  •      Develop the worship teams to function independently so the worship pastor isn’t on the stage once a month.
  •      Meet with Senior Pastor weekly (or other speakers of possible) to discuss cohesive flow of the service for the sake of theme or application as well as to evaluate past services.
  •      Lead the production of Sunday morning video announcements.
  •      Lead maintenance and updates of the web site and other social media platforms.
  •      Ensure Sermons are available online in a timely manner.
  •      Oversee purchasing, care, and maintenance of all sound, lights, and computer technology.
  •      Assist and actively participate in the development, oversight, and execution of the youth ministry worship.
  •      Participate in the development and oversight of the worship ministry budget.
  •      Participate when requested in the evaluation and development of the overall church ministry.
  •      Arrive 45 minutes prior to the beginning of scheduled events to ensure the necessary support staff and items are in place.
  •      Attend weekly one-on-one mentoring by the Senior Pastor so he may provide encouragement, challenges, direction, and support.
  •      Attend weekly Staff Meeting.
  •      Attend Elder meetings as required.
  •      Participate in performance reviews.
  •      Other duties as required.

Physical Address:
Hope Summit Christian Church
1315 6th Ave SE Rochester, MN 55904

Jeff Matteson




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