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Worship Summer Intern 

Purpose: The Worship Summer Intern will learn and lead in all areas of worship and production  at The Journey alongside our Worship Pastor. You will be responsible for supporting, planning,  and leading weekend worship experiences. Especially during the month of July, while our  Worship Pastor is on leave.  

Church Background: The Journey Church is located in Northern Virginia (NOVA), about 12  miles from Washington, DC. The Journey has been a growing and healthy church for almost 50  years. The people who attend The Journey are young and diverse with a large military and  government contingency. Like the area, the church is transient in nature with about 20% of  those attending moving each year. Even with so many people moving away, the church still  sees yearly growth. Every weekend, we offer two worship services with an average weekly  attendance of over 400 people.  

Chad Simpkins has been the Lead Pastor for five years and on staff for six years. He  emphasizes leadership development through coaching leaders and ensuring that the staff  models health for our church. The staff of 11 is a mixture of full and part time positions, making  for a fun, team-oriented culture. Our worship team is very diverse in age, ethnicity, and abilities.  The ideal candidate will be a college student who can oversee others, is coachable, can lead  worship, and who is excited about getting a great introduction to working in ministry! 

General Responsibilities 

  1. Work directly with teaching and worship team to create Sunday worship experiences. 2. Keep Planning Center Online updated for team members and for weekly services. 3. Work with existing worship team coaches to plan services and schedule worship team  members. 
  2. Ensure the auditorium is set for Sundays by making sure it is cleaned up, chairs are  lined up, and ready to go for people to attend. 
  3. Make sure tech teams are set and ready to go from cameras, to Pro Presenter, to pre  and post-music programming, and more. 
  4. Support worship team members with pastoral care, contacting them when missing,  check on when sick, help support them as needed. 

Required Skills & Qualifications 

  1. Mature, growing, follower of Jesus who understands and lives out the Gospel. 2. Strong presence vocally and instrumentally in leading from onstage. 3. Experience with leading worship, selecting theologically healthy songs, building service  

plans that support the goals of the service – specifically the theme for the day – and  recruiting, coaching and leading volunteer bands. 

  1. Involved in all aspects of technical programming for Sunday services (ProPresenter,  Lightkey, sound mixing), graphic design, and video editing. 
  2. Committed to spiritual integrity and authentic relationships. 
  3. Effective communication skills (oral and written). 
  4. In agreement with our doctrine, mission, and values. 
  5. Teachable, responsive, respectful and can adapt with a fast-paced organization. 

Requirements and Compensation 

$300 per week stipend. Housing can be arranged as needed.

Physical Address
The Journey
6427 Franconia Rd
Springfield, VA 22150
Daniel Roach (class of ’04)

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