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Youth and Media Minister

Supervision: Senior Minister (weekly operations)  

 Elders (administration)  

Position: Ministerial, Paid Part-time  

Objective: The Youth and Media Minister is responsible for the development and  implementation of youth-oriented programs for evangelism, spiritual growth and  service opportunities focused on junior high and senior high school students.  They’ll assist other staff in the preparation of multimedia for various uses and  responsible for maintaining the social media presence of the church at large.  They’ll also recruit and equip volunteers for work in both youth and media aspects  of the ministry.  

Characteristics: The Youth and Media Minister is a confessed believer who has a growing personal  relationship with Jesus Christ. They need to be “called to lead” the youth and media  ministry through their abilities and spiritual gifts. They should have a desire and  temperament to work with junior high and high school youth. They should have or  currently be working towards a degree in vocational ministry. They need  organizational skills including the ability to plan, delegate and work with volunteers  as well as a basic working knowledge of social media applications, audio/visual  equipment and media software utilized for church events or services.  


  1. Provide organization, direction and coordination of junior high and senior high school youth group  meetings on Wednesday evening and Sunday morning.  
    • Prepare lesson plans and materials for distribution to youth. 
      • Lessons are to be reviewed and approved by church leadership prior to  implementation.
    • Plan, organize and lead monthly opportunities for youth events or outreach in the Mayes  County, Oklahoma community.  
      • Events and outreach opportunities are to be reviewed and approved by church  leadership prior to implementation.  
  2. Encourage participation and growth within the youth group. Encourage unity within the church body,  personal spiritual growth and development of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  
  3. Work towards developing personal relationships with youth group members and families.  a. Occasionally attend school activities outside of regular church times or events organized by other church ministries or other local church youth ministries.
  1. Coordinate and provide staff or volunteers with multimedia announcements for various church  activities or ministries.  
    • Weekly in-person meetings with staff to review current and upcoming multimedia needs  and schedules.  
    • Produce and distribute multimedia in digital format for church use according to agreed  instruction and schedule.  
    • Update and post to multiple church social media platforms according to agreed instruction  and schedule.  
  2. Coordinate with church leadership and staff to provide a routine social media presence for the  church.  
    • Weekly consultation with church leadership to discuss topics and/or weekly interests.  Some topics may include weekly lesson scripture, inspirational media, suitable humor,  church history, or similar.  
    • Prepare bi-weekly routine and/or nonspecific social media posts intended to generate  traffic (interest) in the church’s social media presence.  
  3. Sunday morning; assist staff and audio/visual volunteers with multimedia during service for  announcements, lesson material, worship time or special events.  
  4. Notify staff of required absence and assist with replacement staff or volunteers as needed.  

Weekly Availability and Commitments: 

Day  Location  Start  Finish 
Wednesday Staff Meeting  Office  3:00 pm  4:00 pm 
Wednesday after school (social time only)  Youth Room  4:00 pm  6:00 pm 
Wednesday Youth/Children’s Dinner  Fellowship Hall  6:00 pm  6:30 pm 
Wednesday Youth Service and Hangout  Youth Room  6:30 pm  8:30 pm 
Sunday Praise & Worship Service  Auditorium  9:00 am  12:00 pm 
Sunday after church (social time only)  TBD  Time as available 
Weekly commitment for multimedia and social media  Home or Church Office  Assumed 8 hours 


Physical Address:
Southside Christian Church
2106 S Elliott St, Pryor, OK 74361

Sean Pendley



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