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Youth Minister

First Christian Church in Clinton, Oklahoma is an independent restoration Christian Church 90 miles west of Oklahoma City, we are seeking a leader for our Youth. We are looking for an individual who will have a passion to create a healthy environment for age appropriate discipleship, through recruiting, training and developing leaders while providing oversight for all aspects of our youth programming. This is a full time ministry position.

Abilities needed for this position: A desire and passion to understand and work with children, Jr. high/Sr. high youth and their families. Self-motivated; Able to communicate, recruit and motivate adults to help serve in the youth programs;  Willing to lead; Be a team player; Creative thinker; Organized.



  1. Provide vision and direction in leading and coordinating programs for our youth ages Jr. high and high school.
  2. Recruit and train others to help lead and minister in each of the youth programs. (Develop, lead, and work with an adult children/youth ministry team)
  3. Be responsible for calling and shepherding those who are in the Youth Ministry.
  4. Disciple believing students by helping them grow in spirituality and in turn, reach their seeking friends for Christ.
  5. Teach and preach the gospel of Christ.
  6. Be involved with camps, youth rallies, vacation Bible school or any retreats that involve Children’s and youth ministry.
  7. Work with finance team each year in preparing a budget for each of the youth ministries. 
  8. Be a person of spiritual integrity, taking personal responsibility for your own spiritual growth by having consistent times of personal Bible study and prayer through the week.
  9. Spend adequate time in the office for preparation of tasks and be accountable for time use in and out of the office during each working day.    

The above Pastor will work in close relationship with and be accountable to the Lead Pastor and to the Elders of First Christian Church.

If this ministry opportunity interests you, please send a cover letter along with your resume, and if possible an audiovisual of yourself teaching or leading.


Willie Coop


Physical Address:
First Christian Church
111 S 28th St
Clinton, OK 73601

Organization Website:

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