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Youth Minister

Our Mission: Jesus came to seek and save the lost. The “great commission” is our mission. In
cooperation with His plan we are to “make disciples of all nations”. Our youth minister should participate in being a “disciple maker” of our teenagers.

Our Goals:

  • To reach our youth for Christ and train them to follow His leading. (discipleship)
  • To give our teenagers a positive experience learning and serving in the Lord’s church.


  • Education: The youth minister must communicate doctrinally sound (Scriptural) teaching to guide
    our teenagers as they deal with life and prepare to go out on their own.
  • Participation: Assist in planning/organizing and sponsoring youth events and trips (i.e.
    Fundraisers, Mission Trips, etc.) The student will work directly with the minister (Currently Jim
    Stark) and the sponsors. It is our desire that the youth minister participate and lead in programs and
    events that will strengthen our teenagers.
  • Cooperation: The youth minister would work together with the senior minister, sponsors and
    parents to create a schedule. This would require an accounting of hours spent and arranging a
    schedule that provides time for planning and administering ministry.
  • Excitement: It is our desire that the youth minister instill in our youth that the Christian life is an
    exciting life. Through involvement in the life of the teenagers, the youth minister should
    understand that they will become a role model for our teenagers.
  • Accountability: It is important that the youth minister is willing to be accountable to the senior
    minister and the elders in all aspects of his/her contacts with our teenagers. The student may gain
    insights about special concerns for accountability from interviewing the minister and MCC college
    staff who are aware of our past youth workers history and program.
  • Commitment: The youth minister student should be committed to stay through the school year and  provide their own transportation to and from Washington Christian Church for the duration of the school year.

In return for the Student’s time and dedication, the church will provide the following:

The student will receive a weekly stipend in the amount of $300.00. This stipend will be paid bi-monthly
or as otherwise agreed upon. He/she will also receive free room and board while in Washington, to be
arranged by the church. The church will provide office space and housing for the student while in
Washington. At the conclusion of the school year the student will receive a “love offering” that will be
taken for the purpose of helping the student continue his/her college education.

Time Involvement: The youth ministry may consist of week-ends with the possibility of summer
internship, to be arranged by the church in conjunction with the minister, parents and the educational needs
of the student. The general plan is to have the student present in Washington at least two Sundays of each
month (or more) unless prior arrangements for different Sundays are made with senior minister and
sponsors. The youth ministry is intended to go through the school year (approximately October through
May). The starting and ending dates are flexible, based on the student's school schedule and availability.
The student will request changes in week-ends away in advance to help with planning and implementing ministry in their absence. The youth minister can expect the support and encouragement of the church staff
and leadership.

About Us
For more information regarding our church we encourage the student to contact the minister or
church office in Washington, Kansas. We encourage them to also check out our beliefs for accomplishing
our mission on our website at We also encourage them to check out
our Facebook page for recent activities.

Application Procedure

  • The candidate may send Washington Christian Church a resume, along with contact information,
    including email addresses of three (3) character references (work, school, and ministry, if
    applicable). The candidate may send this by mail (Washington Christian Church, 16 C Street,
    Washington, Kansas 66968), or email (
  • The applications will be reviewed and interviews set up as necessary as soon as possible.
  • We will notify the candidate as soon as a final decision has been made regarding our selection.
  • The student must be willing to undergo a “background check” as outlined in our Protection Policy to insure individuals are qualified to serve.
  • If the candidate has any questions they can be directed to James Stark at 785-747-8254.




Physical Address:
Washington Christian Church
102 E 1st St
Washington, KS 66968

James Stark


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