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Family Minister

Osage Hills Christian Church
Family Minister Job Description

The Vision of Osage Hills Christian Church:
We are a group of imperfect people, each with a unique story and in a different place in our walk with
Christ. We strive to meet others where they live, so they can know Jesus. We believe that church is not a
place you go but a place you come from.

Purpose for the Family Minister position:
To partner with parents in the spiritual development of children and students by creating safe and secure
disciple-making environments that fit within the vision of Osage Hills Christian Church.

Basic Goals for this position:
• Lead Family Ministries toward the fulfillment of the vision and values of OHCC
• Recruit, train and develop a leadership team of adults that in turn will disciple children and students.
• Equip parents with the resources needed to continue the discipleship process at home.
• Teach and lead Children’s Ministry (hands on). Coordinate and Administer Student Ministry
(Volunteer Development)
• Develop a fun and dynamic Bible-based program that kids are excited about
• Encourage children and students to reach their friends with the gospel, develop lifelong habits for
growing faith, and to live out their faith in a way that serves the world

The successful candidate for this position must…
• Give evidence of a life that continues to be changed by the grace of Jesus Christ
• Possess strong skills in training, motivating, and rewarding adult volunteers
• Exude a passion for children and students to be in a relationship with Jesus
• Be capable of leading a ministry administratively
• Display an energetic and positive personality along with excellent communication skills
• Exhibit a high level of creativity
• Possess the appropriate education, training and experience for the position

• Establish the Family Ministry in a fashion that is relevant, outward focused, and will effectively reach
the children and students of our area for Jesus Christ
• Develop vibrant Sunday morning and mid-week programming that accomplish the goals for this area
• Develop a team of adult leaders through recruitment and ongoing training
• Develop a scope of ministry goals for children and students
• Work with the Office Manager to keep the Family Ministry at a high level of visibility
• Promote and attend Sunset Bible Camp
• Promote appropriate CIY events
• Be a resource for students, families, and volunteers who seek spiritual counsel
• Maintain strict safety-conscious guidelines for the protection of children, students and volunteers by
following the OHCC Child Safety Protocol

General Expectations:
• Spends time in prayer and God’s word on a daily basis
• Stays current with children’s ministry and student ministry trends by listening to podcasts, reading
books and periodicals, and attending conferences
• Attends regular worship services
• Is personally available to guests and members before and after services as duties allow
• Maintains flexible working hours as determined by the needs of the ministry
• Meets regularly with the Sr. Minister to assess progress toward visionary goals
• Spends one day a month as a desert day for spiritual refueling and refreshment
• Keep office hours, except when doing ministry with children, students, of parents off-site (8:30 am –
4:00 pm Mon-Thurs)

All staff members at the Osage Hills Christian Church are accountable to God and must answer to God for
their personal conduct and ministerial performance. The Family Minister is also accountable to the Sr.
Minister regarding regular duties and responsibilities, and to the Elders on an overall basis.

Classification: Full-Time, exempt

James Wright

Physical Address:
4500 W Edison Street
Tulsa, OK  74127

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