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Housing & Dining

Residence Halls

Residence hall living provides unique opportunities for personal growth. Living in the resident hall lets students be involved in many small group experiences that complement and support the mission of the college. Research demonstrates that living in community has a significant impact on a student’s college experience. Compared to their commuting classmates, resident students on average are more satisfied with college life, less likely to drop out, more likely to participate in student and recreational activities, and have more interaction with other students, faculty, and staff (Student Success in College, Kuh).

Living in the resident hall plays an essential role in a student’s life. Therefore, Manhattan Christian College requires all students enrolled in six or more credit hours to live in the residence halls for the first two years after high school graduation. The only exceptions to this rule apply to students who are,  married, at least 21 years old, or have parents who reside within Manhattan, KS city limits (in which case, the student must live with the parents/guardians).

For anyone living outside the Resident Halls, members of the opposite sex are not permitted to live together. Marriage or living with an immediate family member are the only exceptions. First and second-year degree seeking students have priority in residence hall housing. Third and fourth-year students will be permitted as space allows

Students residing in the residence halls must pay all fees. Non-degree students may live in the residence halls if space is available and they are enrolled in at least six hours; however, all College policies must be adhered to. All students who live in the residence halls are required to take a minimum of six hours. Up-keep of the individual rooms and public-use areas is the student’s responsibility.

The Residence Hall Supervisors live in the residence halls to maintain the best possible conditions for living and study. Residents are encouraged to develop a close relationship with them. They will act as counselors for anyone who may have personal problems. They report directly to the Director of Student Development.

MCC currently has two residence halls: Johnson Hall for men and Kenoyer Hall for women. All residence halls have a lobby, laundry facilities, and wireless internet service. Each bedroom is equipped with a desk, chair, twin bunk beds, dresser, and closet.

Residence Hall devotions are every Monday night at 10:00 p.m. This is a time of worship, devotion, service, and helps promote unity in the residence halls.

Residence Hall Application forms


The mailing address for all MCC students is 1415 Anderson Ave., Manhattan, Kansas, 66502. All mail is distributed to individual mailboxes, which are located in the Student Lounge of the J. Donald Coffin Memorial Hall. There is no mail distribution on weekends or holidays.


The Business Offices handles the administration of vehicle parking. Any student who wishes to park in the MCC parking areas designated for student parking must buy a parking permit. Permits are issued at enrollment but they may be obtained from the Business Office throughout the year.

The student parking lot is south of the Coffin Memorial Campus Center. The purchase of a permit does not guarantee a parking space, only the opportunity to park if a space is available. Any student car parked in a student parking area without a current parking permit visually displayed or any student car parked in the faculty and staff areas is subject to fines, wheel lock and/or towing.


All students living in MCC residence halls are required to purchase a meal plan. At the beginning of each semester, students choose between a 15-meal or 10-meal option. Both meal plans allow students to eat at the cafeteria or the Café Central Sunday-Saturday according the meal plan they choose.

Non-resident students who desire to eat in the dining room may do so and pay on a per meal basis. Meal refunds are not allowed unless the Business Office makes an exception. Meals are served Sunday through Saturday when classes are in session, including finals week. The last meal served each semester is lunch on the last day of MCC finals. MCC Dining Services will make every effort to provide all foods needed for special diets. A student requiring a special diet must submit a list of allowable foods signed by a physician. If, for any reason, Dining Services is unable to provide the diet foods required, the student may visit with the Vice President for Student Life regarding options.

For more information or questions concerning residence hall life contact the Student Development Office at 877-246-4622.