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Campus Safety

Consumer Information Report

Annual Campus Safety & Security Report

For more information about the Campus Crime Report, contact Dean of Students Dr. Rick Wright at or (785) 313-5301; or Men’s Residence Hall Supervisor at (785) 341-8021 or Women’s Residence Hall Supervisor at (785) 307-7457

MCC’s student-right-to-know and campus security report.

Campus Emergencies

In case of any emergency, call 911 (9-1-1)

This will contact the local Police department and they will send the police, ambulance, or fire department as necessary. Call this number if you or someone you are with is in a life-threatening condition or situation. You can dial 911 from anywhere in the United States and you will reach the local Police department where ever you are.

MCC strives to foster an environment where diversity is celebrated; citizens of all races, creeds, and nationalities are made welcome and rights are preserved.

In conjunction with the Riley County Police Department, MCC Student Life department is responsible for assisting in the enforcement of federal and state laws through its authority established by Kansas State Law as revised and as directed by Manhattan Christian College administration for all safety/security and other emergency responses as may be deemed necessary on the campus.

After Hours Contact Information:
Cell: (785) 313-5301

MCC Alerts

MCC Students and Staff can also subscribe to MCC Alerts to receive text messages, e-mail, or phone messages about school closings, weather or other emergency situations on campus.