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Housing and Dining Forms & Policies

Residence Hall Application (web version) (pdf) | Housing & Dining Contract | Meningitis Record/Waiver | Security Deposit

Residence hall living is one of the best parts of the college experience.  Besides the memories and relationships that are built, there are also life skills developed that will help you succeed both in college and after.  Securing campus housing includes the following:

Document Upload Form

*Applications will be processed once all forms and deposit are submitted to the Student Development Office.
Full-time, degree-seeking students will have first priority.


Full-time, degree-seeking students will have first priority as will those whose Residence Hall Applications are received by June 1st for the fall semester.  The deadline for turning in your Residence Hall Application is August 1st for the fall semester.  Spring semester applications must be received by January 2nd.

Roommate Requests

Every effort will be made to pair students who wish to room together. This will be accomplished provided:
• The request is mutual; that is, that each student requests the other(s) on the application.
• All request the same housing facility.
• There is space for these individuals in the facility requested

Roommate Assignments

Rooms are furnished for double or triple occupancy. Any student who has not chosen a roommate will be paired with another student matching as many items as possible from the assignment information sheet.  The earlier we receive your residence hall application, the better chance you have of being placed in a two-person room. However, this does not guarantee it.
*Your name, hometown, home/cell phone number, and email address will be shared with your future roommate as well as your Residence Hall Assistant.

Security Deposit

We require a security deposit to be submitted with every application in order to start your housing assignment process. This deposit is for cleaning, any damage incurred, and keys. Refunds will be mailed at the end of the year after the rooms are inspected by supervisors and checkout sheets are returned to the Business Office. If you plan to continue living in the residence halls the following year, the deposit will be held over. If you decide to not attend MCC or return after a semester, please refer to the Cancellation Policy for rules regarding security deposit refunds.

Security Deposit Fee

The security deposit fee is $150 until June 1st for the fall semester and November 30th for the spring semester. A non-refundable late fee of an extra $50 will be charged for those applications received after June 1st or November 30th for a total of $200.

Meningitis Vaccination Record/Waiver

Following the recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, MCC requires all students residing in campus housing to be vaccinated for meningitis or to sign a waiver indicating that you refuse to take the vaccine. You must have a medical provider complete your record or sign the waiver that is attached to this application. Your application will not be processed until this information is received with your application and security deposit.

Cancellation Policy

Your application may be cancelled at your written request to the Student Development Office under the following conditions:
• If the written request is postmarked on or before June 1st (November 30th for spring semester) your security deposit will be refunded.
• If you cancel after June 1st (November 30th for spring semester) your security deposit will not be refunded.
• Students must vacate within 48 hours of withdrawal or dismissal.
• If you choose not to return to MCC for the spring semester of the academic year, you must notify the Student Development Office by January 2nd, of that Spring semester or your security deposit will not be refunded.

Student Parking Permits

For detailed information as well as the link to purchase a permit click here.

Additional Questions

Questions concerning general information regarding the residence halls, room assignments, or roommate choices should be directed to the office of Student Development (1-877-246-4622).