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Estate Planning

Manhattan Christian College believes in providing opportunities for stewardship training throughout the year. We have entered into a partnership with Financial Planning Ministry to make free estate planning seminars available in churches across the country.

The 70-minute seminars are free to those who attend and no one will sell insurance. As an added benefit, attendees are encouraged to complete their estate planning guide and submit it to Financial Planning Ministry who will in turn create the legal documents needed for their own revocable living trust free of charge. This service is especially helpful for families who need to identify legal guardians for minor children but have not taken the time to have anything official created.

Families of all ages need to be encouraged to plan for the future and this seminar will guide them in making important decisions.

Benefits of Hosting Estate Planning Seminar

  • Trust documents created according to individual specifications FREE
  • Helps families formalize plans for minor children
  • Reinforces stewardship training
  • Encourages church members to consider a long-term gift for the church or another ministry

Attendees will

  • Create their own personal estate plan free of charge
  • Pass on Values

    Preparing for the future reflects good stewardship and protects the things that mean the most to them.

  • Save Themselves and Their Beneficiaries Time and Money

    Establishing a living trust may lower estate taxes and will eliminate probate. On average, this saves loved ones 9 months to 2 years and $16,000 to $60,000 in probate, alone.

  • Have Peace of Mind

    In a legacy plan, they can ensure their desires on medical decisions, guardianship of minor children, and distribution of valuables will be fulfilled. Their instructions are legally binding and guaranteed to be followed.

Steps to Seminar Success

  1. Plan ahead

    MCC at least two months before you are interested in having your seminar to get it scheduled.

  2. One month before

    Begin advertising your event. Talk about it every chance you get.

  3. Weekly

    Utilize MCC promotion tools to layer reminders: bulletin inserts, postcard, church newsletter, artwork, copy

  4. At the event

    Provide a comfortable location with access to a screen for video projection. All participants will receive a booklet that they work through in the privacy of their own home and will guide them in setting up their estate plans.

  5. One week after event

    Financial Planning Ministry will send a follow-up card to everyone who participated. It will remind them of who to call if they have questions.

  6. Three weeks after event

    Representative from Financial Planning Ministry will be back in the area to visit personally with anyone who wants personal help with the process.

To schedule a seminar, contact Jolene Rupe at 785-539-3571 or